War of the Rebellion: Serial 108 Page 0065 Chapter LXIII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.- CONFEDERATE.

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Norfolk, 4th.- Bay Line permitted to resume trips for mails and passengers. British ship Hiawatha, from Lifverpool, with salt for Richmond, boarded at old Point by U. S . ship Cumberland. Captainwas told by Commander pendergrast that Viriginians would seize and apporpriate his vessel. Captain, notwithstanding, came on and arrived, but was shot at twice by Pendergrast. He intends complaining to is Gonvernment.

Washington, 3d.- Captain Montgomery C. Meigs arrived from Fort pickens. Reports 1,000 men in fort, and provisions so as to make its reduction utterly impossible for six months. Maryland Legislature appointed a commissioner to Richmond and commissioners to W ashington, of whom one is Robvert McLane. Scarcity of gold in WahingtonTreasury; cannot pay employes. Million of gold coming fromNew York in a was steamer. Attorney- General Bates' opinion is that retrocession of Alexandria to Virginia is unconstitutional, and this including [is included] in proclamtion declaring Fifth Military Distirct. Commodore paulding notified Chase he would be arrested as [sic] secessionist. order rescinded. RestrictionFairfax, Va., farmes visiting Washington market. State Department, Washinton, answers to diplomtic corps inquireis respecting bockade. First, vessels in blockaded ports would be alloed reasonable time to depart; second, vessels bringing emigrants wouldnot be allowed to enter, but recommended to enter an open port. Washington Government received intelligence by Adriatic Minister Faulkner had presented commissioners of the Soutehrn Confederacy. Dallas refused reception until instructions from Washington. Faulkner presented them in violation n of his instructions. Reported English and Frenchministers at Washington had protested to Montgomery Government against issuing letters of marque. Impression in diplomatic circles is that Montgomery Government has purchased twenty- nine additional vessels and will, within twnty days, blockade every Southern port. Reported froMWashingtonJudge Cmapbell'; s resignation. General Harney reported courteous treatment fromVirginia authorities, and said he will command troops at Washington.



RICHMOND, May 5, 1861.

(Received 10 p. m.)


I am convinced, with other intelligent persons capable of judging, in there is not deception in councils of Virginia, there is a want of harmony with your Government. Cahaos and confusion reign here ad squabbles about rank. Some ofte troops, dissatified, threaten to go home. Onthe part of some there is a want of confidence in Governor Letcher and General Lee. It is intimated by good authority Scott will attempt to retake harper's Fewrry, Alexandria, Norfolk, before vote secesion ordinance this State [sic.]. Pressure from North on Wshington increasing. New York papers advocate strnuously such aggressions. General Bearuegard notified by competent judge of immediate necessity of the presence of an unquestioned head here, say a brigadier- genral, Confederate Army, else few days more will demoralize and confound the whole movement. Maryland is crushed and lost to us, although her people are undeoubtedlywith us, simply because htey cannot resist Federal power. Encourgement and assistanc would have