War of the Rebellion: Serial 108 Page 0052 MD., E. N. C., PA., VA., EXCEPT S. W., & W. VA. Chapter LXIII.

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one entitled an ordinance concerning the quartermaster's deaprtment, and the othere entitle d an ordinance to provide a board to whom shall be referred all calims for expenditures arising fromth organization, equipment, and support of the land and naval forces called or to be called our for the defense of the Common wealth under the present emergency. Some of the provisions of the se ordinances indicate that they were drawn up without sufficient consultation b3etween those engaged in their praparation, producing such a disceepancy and conflict between them as to render it difficult, if not impossible, to carry them in to effect. It has therefore been thought advisable to combine both into one plan, such as is herewith presented, so as to produce a consistent whole, capable of being c arried into prompt and systematic execution.

By order of the council:



The Governor submitted his nomination of the following gentlemen for appointment in the volunteer service of the State: William Mahone, of Norfolk City, to be lieutenant- colonel of volunteers; Capta. John McCausland, of Mason County, to be lietuenent- colonel of volunteers; of volunteers; Captain A. S. Taylor (late U. S . Marine Corps), to be lieutenant- colonel of volunteers; P. R. PAGE, of Gloucester County, to be major of volunteers; Colonel J. P. Wislon, of Comberland, to be major of volunteers; Major Alonzo Loring, of Wheeling, to be major of volutneers; Francis M. Boykin, Jr., of Lewis, to be major of volunteers; Cornelius Boyle, to be major of volutneers: Advised unanimously that the appointments in this nominaiton be amde.





On the 28th instnt the Governor nominated to the cuncil for appo9intment of leituentnat- colonel of volunteers Major J. C. Pemberton, late of the U. S. Army: Advised unanimously that the appointment be made. Onthe same day the Governor also nominated for their adivce J. S . Saunders as a captain of volunteers: Advised unaninlmously that the appointement be made, and the commissions were ordered to be issued accordingly.

* * * * *

The Governor submitted to the council for advice nonimations of the following officers fort e volunteer service of the State, viz; For liutenant- clonels, William majhone, of Norfolk City; John McCausland, of Mason County; Robert H. Chilton, late of the U. S . Army, and A. S. Taylor, late of the U. S. Marine Corps.

Bor the office of Major: P. R. PAGE, of the county of Gloucester; J. P. Wislon, of Cumberland; Alonzo Loring, of Wheeling; Francis M. Boykin, Jr., of Lewis County, and Cornelius Boyle: Advised unanimaously that the appointments be made. Ordered, that the commissions be issued accordingly.





Richmond, Va., April 29, 1861.

The general commanding desires to impress upon all officers and agents employed in the military and naval service of the State the


*From the Executive Journal of the State of Virginia.