War of the Rebellion: Serial 107 Page 0580 MD., E. N. C., PA., VA., EXCEPT S. W., & W. VA. Chapter LXIII.

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of the annexed dimensions. These are made of six-inch rope in three thicknesses, with loops at the four corners and eyelet holes in the four sides that you may arrange them best to suit your embrasure openings and the caliber of guns in battery. Three more of these rope mantles will be forwarded this evening, and at least

twenty-five of iron backed by oak wood.

These are made, as in the annexed sketch,

of two thicknesses of quarter-inch wrought-

iron spiked to three-inch oak plank every

six inches. On the head is at two-inch MAP

square iron bar, riveted to the edge of the

iron plates against which the oak plank

abuts. The ends of this bar project six

inches and are rounded, serving as supports

to rest upon upright stakes or timber

resting against the interior slope or parapet.

I have made the width of the gun

opening eighteen inches, two top having two

feet of solid above it. These dimensions have been assumed and without any information as to the character of the calibers of guns to be put in battery. Apprehensive that some difficulty may arise on this score, I have ordered fifty others of

the dimensions and form given in

the annexed sketch, which is two

thicknesses of wrought-iron of one-

quarter inch each, bolted together

every six inches with one-half inch MAP

rivets, to which plates in bolted on

top on oak piece of three by six

inches and two diagonal pieces of

same dimensions. A segment of

nine inches radius and one foot six

inch chord or six inch versed line is

cut out of the bottom. The rivets about this segment are set off from the edge of the opening to admit of your cutting it larger and lower it. This kind will have two feet six inches of solid above the opening;

the other iron ones, as also the

rope ones, have two feet of solid

above the gun opening. The latter

kind, four feet by three inches,

will admit of being placed somewhat

inclined in the embrasure, MAP

and thus deflect grape, canister,

and muskets. To-morrow and

next day, the 23rd and 24th, will

enable me to send forward the

whole order, to wit, twenty-five

rope and seventy-five wood and

iron blinds. I will send a box of

cold chisels to enable you to cut and alter at pleasure.

Very truly and respectfully, yours,


U. S. Corps of Engineers.