War of the Rebellion: Serial 107 Page 0573 Chapter LXIII. CORRESPONDENCE, eTC.- UNION.

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the Shenandoah River overflowing its banks, the current running with unusual velocity, and the depth of the water, where at other times it was fordable, twenty feet deep and over. We have to construct floats in order to cross, and I shall have the whole division on the other bank of the river by the 16th, latest. Here we left very much the want of some pontoons, of which every division ought to carry some, as we were entirely without ropes or chains to construct a ferry. It is now five weeks since we left Hunter's Chapel, without tents and without sufficient teams to carry a supply of ammunition, shoes, and other necessaries of warfare, but the state of health of the division is satisfactory, and we trust we will do our duty when we shall be called into action. We have must greatly exposed in bivouacking is now and mud, the more difficult to bear when we came in contact with other divisions of the army who were amply supplied with tents, teams, and other comforts. All this or men have borne without a murmur. We have frequently been without sufficient rations, and are at this moment without sufficient rations, and are at this moment without any. I have thought proper to make this detailed report, as I considered it a duty I owe to the division which I command. Conscious of having done everything in my power to earn the confidence of the Government, it is with surprise that, from rumors which have reached me and which are rife in my camp, I have learned that I have lost that of the Secretary of War, and I respectfully him, as my superior officer, to, whom I am accountable for conduct, to state if such is the fact, and in what manner I have done so.

I am, sir very respectfully, your obedient servant,




FORT MONROE, April 14, 1862.

(Received 1 p. M. 15th.)


Secretary of War:

We have reliable intelligence that Pulaski has been taken by our forces at King's Landing. The surrender was unconditional. It is reported that the Muramic is coming out to-morrow and will shell out Newport News. Our navy it is not at all probable will make any attempt to prevent it.




HEADQUARTERS ARMY OF THE POTOMAC, Camp Wingfield Scott, April 15, 1862-5 p. M.

G. V. FOX, Esq.,

Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Washington:

Have just returned from the flotilla. Missroon has been annoying the enemy all day with an 80-pounder rifle, producing good effect. He will try them to-night. Things go better there to-day; a marked improvement.


Major-General, commanding.