War of the Rebellion: Serial 107 Page 0349 Chapter LXIII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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returned to Harrisburg the same night to close my connection with the expedition by arrangements with Governor Curtin and the railroad officials, and to hasten to Washington. From Harrisburg I sent the following letters and dispatches:

HARRISBURG, April 24, 1861.


York, Pa.:

I return the dispatches belonging to General Wynkoop (the orders from WAshington). I delivered them to General Patterson; informed him of all that had passed and the location of the troops. He confirmed by views of the order, i. E., to retain the troops on the road to protect the route, and at all hazards, but said it was now too late. The withdrawal of those troops will cause bloodshed and the fall of Washington from starvation alone. I cannot go to York. If you wish anything for the troops I will order it.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Assistant Adjutant-General.


A bearer of dispatches for you has just arrived from Washington. He says provisions will last-abundant for the present. Re-enforcements will soon be in on the Annapolis route. Camp and garrison equipage should be sent to the troops called into service, and they not permitted to rely on hotels. I directed Captain Turnley, assistant quartermaster, to report for duty to Colonel Charles Thomas. It will be well to add to instead of diminishing the force at York. I go to Washington at 8 a. M. to-morrow.


Assistant Adjutant-General.

Major Thomas, still at York, telegraphed me that he had received orders for Washington but to go mounted and fully equipped. He asked to be ordered to Carlisle Barracks. I had reported to Washington and to Headqurters of the Army by every opportunity what I had done. I therefore telegraphed as follows:

Colonel H. L. SCOTT,

Headquarters of the Army, New York City:

A bearer of dispatches just in from Washington says provisions are abundant for troops at present, and that re-enforcements will soon reach the city. Major Thomas wishes the companies of his regiment sent to Carlisle. They can be quickly remounted there. I urge it for other reasons I cannot give here. I go to Washington to-morrow at 8 a. M.


Assistant Adjutant-General


Your request is with Colonel Scott-urged by me. Captain Hastings will muster the companies at York. I leave at 8 a. M. to-morrow for Washington; also Colonel Porter. Get here before that hour.


Assistant Adjutant-General.

On the morning of the 25th in company with Mr. Thomas A. Scott, and Colonel Andrew Porter, whose willing and efficient services I had enlisted, I left by rail for Hagerstown and thence by carriage to Washington, where we arrived at sunrise the next morning. As soon as seen and left in Pennsylvania. At my suggestion Colonel Porter was ordered to return to Harrisburg and assume the duties I had left. Mr. Scott was assigned by the Secretary of War to replace Captain Carlisle P. Patterson in charge of the railroad to Annapolis on which the great experience of some railroad man like Mr. Scott was absolutely needed. My verbal report was acceptable to