War of the Rebellion: Serial 107 Page 0340 MD., E. N. C. PA., VA., EXCEPT S. W., & W. VA. Chapter LXIII.

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should have such officers. I found Lieutenant McCleary, Sixth Infantry, on leave of absence, an have taken him temporarily, on my staff. I hope he may be allowed to remain there, as I shall probably in a few days ask to have him a sone of my aides-de-camp. I shall commence to-morrow moving the men into a camp of instruction on the Little Miami Railroad, seventeen miles from Cincinnati; a fine turnpike twelve miles in length also leads from it to Cincinnati. From this position I can move the command rapidly to any point where it may be required. In three days I shall have seven regiments at Camp Dennison (the present camp) and four regimentrs at Camp Harrison, six miles from Cincinnati. By the end of the week the Cleveland and Columbus camps will be abandoned, and there will be some seventeen regiments at Camp Dennison. By the end of two weeks there will be twenty-four regiments in that camp, unless I find it necessary in the meantime to detach some regiments toward Marietta. My desire is to concentrate the whole command in this camp, and to thoroughly organize, discipline and drill. By the end of six weeks Ihope they will be in condition to act efficiently in any direction where they may be required. I hope that my wish can be carried out, and that I may not be required to take my men under fire until they are reduced to some order and discipline. Should they be required to act together, I would desire to organize some batteries and cavalry. Some squadrons of regular cavalry and regular batteries would be desirable. We are very deficient in small-arms, guns, ammunition, and equipments. I have been doing all in my power to overcome these deficiencies, and most earnestly urge upon the consideration of the General-in-Chief the necessity of furnishing me with these supplies at once. Give me these and I will provide the men. Money and a subsistence officer should be sent at once. We have no U. S. money, and I am working with money furnished by the State. The State will call thirty regiments (in all) into service, all of which they place under my command. Thirteen are now called out; seventy-five can be furnished by this State alone if you can arm us.

I hopes that you will find it in your power to comply at once with my request, I am colonel, very respectfully, your obedient servant



In a few days I will probably move my headquarters to Cincinnati or Camp Dennison. There is a good deal of excitement in Cincinnati.



Washington City, April 27, 1861


Commanding Department of Washington, Philadelphia, Pa.:

GENERAL: In order to secure to the Government the routes hence tro Philadelphia via Annapolis, and to York via Baltimore, you are authorized to accept the services of and muster into the U. S. service well-organized, armed, and equipped volunteer companies from Pennsylvania. You will call upon Governor Curtin for such as you desire, not exceeding 1,500 men.

I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Secretary of War