War of the Rebellion: Serial 107 Page 0225 Chapter LXIII. THE GETTYSBURG CAMPAIGN.

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has done with special gallantry and courage during the battle. Before the advance of the army from Swift Creek toward Drewry's Bluff, Lieutenant Hawes was ordered with his battery on the south side of the Appomattox to the eastern defenses of Petersburg. During the engagement at Port Walthall Junction, Lieutennat Hawes rendered efficient service with his battery and was highly complimented by the commanding general. Lieutenant Braselman and Ordnance Sergeant Meek rendered themselves highly efficient in promptly supplying ammunition. Sergeant-Major Randolph proved himself by his undaunted courage worthy of the highest esteem. Below I annex a list of the casualties during the operation near Drewry's Bluff. The batteries expended 2,430 rounds of ammunition. Captain Richardson had one of his guns disabled from constant firing, cracked in the muzzle. Captain Hero lost the rear portion of a caisson which was upset in a ditch of one of the works while changing position at night.

Killed. Wounded.

Batteries. Offi Men. Offic Men. Offi

cers ers cers

First Company, Captain Owen - 4 2 8 -

Second Company, Captain - 1 - 3 -


Third Company, Captain Hero - 1 - 3 -

Fourth Company, Captain - 4 - 4 -


Total - 10 2 18 -

Captured Horses and mules. A

Batteries. Men. Total Kille Disab Tota

d led l.

First Company, Captain Owen 1 15 4 7 11

Second Company, Captain - 4 7 5 12


Third Company, Captain Hero - 4 9 5 14

Fourth Company, Captain - 8 7 11 18


Total 1 31 27 28 55

aTwo private horses killed.

I remain, captain, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Lieutenant-Colonel, Commanding Battalion Washington Artillery.

Captain JOHN M. OTEY,

Assistant Adjutant-General.


Report of Captain Edward the honor to report the operations of my battery in the campaign on the south side:

On the 5th of May I left camp at Model Farm with three guns (Napoleons). Subsequently my rifled gun was sent to me and was placed in position the same evening at Battery Numbers 11, near the Prince George road. The next day, the 6th instant, was ordered to report to General Pickett's headquarters at a trot, and was ordered by him across the Appomattox River. The enemy in heavy force under Butler were advancing on the Richmond and Petersburg Railroad, via Port Walthall. I went in position on the turnpike about two miles from Petersburg Railroad, via Port Walthall. I went in position on the turnpike about two miles from Petersburg. The enemy were then reported advancing on this road in heavy force. Besides my battery there were about 200 infantry to meet them. At day-light on the 7th instant took position on the road protecting the Swift