War of the Rebellion: Serial 107 Page 0129 Chapter LXIII. CAMPAIGN IN NORTHERN VIRGINIA.

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road through the wood at double-quick under a heavy fire from the enemy. Found Bucktails beyond the woods at fence. Ordered by an aide to halt. Lay down for ten minutes. Third Regiment moved in line of battle to left of road through woods to the fence and halted, the enemy approaching our front. The Bucktails ordered forward as skirmishers. Proceeding about ten rods they engaged the skirmishers of the enemy. We formed line of battle, by order, across the road; Third Regiment on the left of road, right in front; Eighth Regiment on right of road, right in front; Seventh Regiment came down from Cooper's battery and formed on right of the Eighth Regiment, right in front. After lying half an hour, skirmishers engaged all the time, we were ordered to "about-face" and fall back, which we did in good order, through the wood to an open field, where we had formed line of battle before. The enemy then opened on our left (now our right), and we continued to fall back until of range of their guns, when we formed column by company, right in front, in order, and marched to where we encamped the night before. Halted for ten minutes. Our brigade started for Manassas to get rations, our men having [had] nothing to eat since yesterday. Marched to the house where the teams were parked. Halted to rest. While there received orders to march back, which we did to place of encampment. Formed column by division. Bucktails deployed as skirmishers; Seventh and Eighth on left of battery; Fourth and Third on right of battery; Second Brigade formed in order. Our left moved forward half a mile toward the left of the line; then ordered to form line of battle in front of Doctor King's hospital, which we did, and remained in this position until after dark, when heavy firing commenced directly on our front. Moved by the right flank about twenty rods. Lay there half an hour, then about-faced. Marched in line to the rear eighty rods, then moved by the flank, left in front, to place of encampment. Lay down for the night along the wood.

Saturday, August 30, 1862, ordered into line before daylight. Moved by the right flank to the old battle-ground. Formed column by division, right in front. Bucktails deployed; Seventh and Eighth on left of battery; Fourth and Third on right of battery. Moved forward about 100 rods across ravine on a hill. Halted for an hour, then moved forward to the battle-ground of the night previous. Cooper's battery took position on a hill on our front and six rods to left of main road. Bucktails skirmishing with enemy in front of battery. Eighth Regiment deployed in line of battle in rear and night of battery and left of the road, the right resting on the road; Seventh Regiment three roads in rear of Eighth, in the same order; the Fourth and Third in rear of Seventh, in column of division. After ten minutes the Eighth moved by the right flank to the right of the road, the left resting on the road; the Seventh took position of the Eighth; the Third deployed into line and took position of the Seventh; the Fourth deployed into line, moved by the right flank in rear of the Eighth. While in this position I threw Company A of my regiment to the rear at a half-face to the right to watch the enemy, who were said to be in a narrow strip of timber on my right. We remained in this position about three-quarters of an hour, when our battery ceased firing, then took our positions in order. Fell back about 300 yards to another position. The Fourth, Third, Seventh, and Eighth formed column of companies, right in front, in order in rear of battery; lay there for three hours. Then Eighth Regiment was ordered forward to support the Bucktails but before we got to the line General Reynolds ordered us back by the

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