War of the Rebellion: Serial 107 Page 0077 Chapter LXIII. OPERATIONS IN NORTHERN VIRGINIA.

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halted within about four miles of Front Royal. General Ord was relieved from the command of his division on account of sickness. There was terrible confusion at the depot issuing provisions, and some of the troops did not get off until 1 or 2 o'clock in the afternoon, very much to the disappointment of General McDowell. The staff arrived at Front Royal at 8 in the evening, and lay about the town as they could best find a place.

June 1.-After feeding this morning the train proceeded to Front Royal, where they arrived about 8 o'clock. About 9 a. m. heavy firing was heard toward Winchester, and a body of troops from Shields' division were started in that direction. General McDowell and staff went out to see what was going on. Bayard went over to Strasburg to cut off Jackson's train. It appears that it started from Strasburg this morning, having spent last night in that town. There was a little stampede among of Bayard's men. Bayard has with him Colonel Kane's Bucktails and four light pieces. Ricketts (Ord's division) held the town and vicinity.

June 2.-This morning took possession of a church for an office. Cannonading was heard in the direction of Strasburg this morning. General McDowell and staff went over about 11 a. m.; arrived at Strasburg between 3 and 4 p. m. General McDowell wrote a dispatch to General Fremont. Meanwhile we all got wet through, and about 5 we started home by way of Middletown. Houston, Drouillard, and Wadsworth came very near drowning; Houston and Wadsworth lost their horses; Houston rode home on Captain Willand's. We had great difficulty in finding our way through so as to avoid Crooked Run, but finally we came out into the road, and just at that moment Flood, Colonel Macomb's man, came up and said that he (Flood) was shot, his horse killed, and that we would all be killed. It appeared that Colonel Macomb and some of our men had found the road before we did, and had turned off, and coming on the pickets they made a blunder, and though he gave them the right countersign the men fired on him, and he then galloped down the road until he came upon Duffie's battalion. After this we returned home, Flood riding Colonel Macomb's horse. We go dinner at 2 o'clock at night. We found at Strasburg about 400 prisoners, taken by Fremont's men with the help of Bayard's cavalry, which went on with Fremont, driving Jackson, who was retreating, before them.

June 3.-Not much going on. Pleasant, but raining in the morning. News received that Shields had been stopped by the destruction of a bridge and that there was every reason to suppose Jackson had escaped.

June 4.-The bridge over the North Fork of the Shenandoah, near Front Royal, and the railroad bridge over the South Fork of same, near Strasburg, and the roadway bridge over Cedar Run, were carried away last night.

June 5.-Last night the roadway [bridge] over the South Fork of the Shenandoah, and the railroad bridge over the same near Front Royal, were carried away by the rise in the stream. This stream, it is said, rises here thirty-six hours after the North Fork. Camp was moved to-day to across town on the ridge; office remained. Majors Breck and Brown, Doctor Magruder, Captains Drouillard and Cutting, took up their quarters in the gallery.

June 6.-The rainy weather still continues. We have been in this part of the country a week already, and it has rained every day without failing. The monthly report for April was finished this morning.