War of the Rebellion: Serial 107 Page 0063 Chapter LXIII. OPERATIONS IN NORTHERN VIRGINIA.

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March 17.-Got an order for stationery and got it filled. At 11.30 a. m. orders were given to have all the office furniture brought to headquarters at Washington. Clerks ordered to report for duty there also. Got a hand press from General Williams from the seminary. Office was arranged, and routine of business commenced about 4 p. m.

March 18.-At 9 a. m. orders were given to pack up to move the headquarters to seminary. Telegraphed to Arlington to have all the things there loaded and train go immediately to seminary. Left Washington about 2 o'clock with wagon with officers' things and proceeded to seminary via Alexandria, where we arrived about 6 o'clock. We then halted for awhile and from there we moved about a mile north of the seminary, where we encamped for the night. The staff arrived about 8 o'clock. General McD. did not come. The encampment is on the estate of Mr. C. F. Lee, cousin of General Lee in the rebel army. The divisions were concentrated about the seminary.

March 19.-Pitched tents and arranged the office. Orders were sent out for morning reports to be sent in daily until next Monday. Colonel Murphy's regiment and Colonel Stuart's regiment came over to-day but did not bring their trains and bridge apparatus. The people living in the house were ordered out into the [sic] to be out to-morrow. Drouillard went to town and got some mess stores and came home in the evening. General Franklin's division was reviewed by Generals McClellan and McDowell int the afternoon. Commenced raining during the evening.

March 20.-Office was removed from the tent into the house. A very rainy and disagreeably day. Orderly Clark was sent to Alexandria hospital. A morning report was received from the entire command except signal corps. General McD. staid all night in the city. Maley sick. Six orderlies from General McCall's and four from General Franklin's division reported for duty at these headquarters. General and staff quartered in the house; also the clerks.

March 21.-Maley quite sick. Still storming and disagreeable.

March 22.-Sent a requisition to Arlington for forage, four wagons, sixteen horses, tents, &c. Wagons and horses were not drawn. Orderly with wagon was sent to town to get type and other materials for the printing office; also for things for a number of the staff. Wagon got back about 8 o'clock with the things. General Hatch reported for duty. General McDowell was at headquarters most of the day and went to Washington in the evening.

March 23.-Sent an orderly to town with wagon to get some things for general and staff mess. General not here during the day. Captain Barstow went to Alexandria to get some more wagons and teams. Captain Breck went to Washington in the afternoon. The weekly report of the corps was made out and sent to the headquarters of the Army of the Potomac.

March 24.-General McDowell returned from Washington about 2 o'clock. Captain Breck returned about the same time. Hoagland went to Washington on business and brought the mail, leaving orders for mail to be sent with General McClellan's. General Kearny's brigade, of Franklin's division, was reviewed by General McDowell in the afternoon.

March 25.-Teams were sent to Arlington after tents, &c., in the morning. The carriage team, while standing in front of the house, took fright by the report of artillery and ran away, smashing the carriage. General McDowell went to Washington and returned about 12.30 p. m. A grand review of the whole corps took place in the afternoon.