War of the Rebellion: Serial 106 Page 1025 Chapter LXII. CORRESPONDENCE-UNION AND CONFEDERATE.

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this act; such certificates to be attested by the commanding officer of the regiiment, battalion, company, troop, or batterry, or post commandant of any detachment in which such soldiier may be serving: And provided further, That in all cases where such soldier shall have a wife or family, such payments may be made to the wife, or temporary guardian, or custodian of minor child, or childdren, as the same shall become due, such soldier having first filed in the office of the adjutant-general of this State a power of attorney to that effect, executed before and certified by the commanding officer of the regiment, battalion, company, troop, or batterry, in which such soldier shall have been enlisted, or to which he may be attached.

SEC. 2. In case of death, or of honorable discharge from the serviice, when such discharge occurs from any wound, disease, or disability incurred or contracted in the serviice, the full amount of bounty granted by this act shall be allowed and paid to every such soldier or to his legal heirs; but if any such soldier by dishonorably discharged, or be discharge; and in case the term of service expire by the conclusion of the war, and the quota of this State be mustered out before the end of three years, then the whole amount of such bounty remaining shall become due and payable.

SEC. 3. In omputing and allowing the bounty to be paid under this act the following scsale shall be adopted: All persons enlisting before the first day of january, 1865, shall be entitled to receive the first payment after enlistment on the first day of January, 1865; all persons enlisting after such first day of January, 1865, shall be entitled to receive the first payment after enlistment whenever the company in which they have enlisted shall have been mustered into the service.

SEC. 4. To carry into effect the foregoing provisions of this act the adjutant-general is hereby authorized to procure and shall provide all necessary blank muster-rolls, pay-rolls, registers, allotments, certificates, power of attorney, and such other blanks and books as may be requisite and necessary, at the expense of the State, and shall furnish the same, with suitable instructiions, to the respective officers of command, whose duty it shall be to make returns of the same at proper time to the office of the adjutant-general of this State; and the adjutant-general is hereby authorized to make such rules and regulations, and issue proper instructions to such officers, as will enable the soldiers undere their command effectively to obtaiin the benefits, and to carry out the provisions of this act.

SEC. 5. The payment of bounties at the time of enlistment shall be made upon the certifiicate of the officer mustering in the enlisted men, and the Secretary of State is hereby authorized and required to draw his warrrant for the amount of such bounties, payable out of the soldiers' bounty fund, upon presentation to him of such certiificate by the person in whose favor it is given, attested by the signature of the commanding officer of the company or regiment in which such soldier gas been enlisted, countersigned by the adjutant-general of this State.

SEC. 6. The Governor, adjutant-general, and treasurer of State are hereby appointed and constituted a board of examiners, whose duty it shall be to examine, audit, and allow all calims for payments of bounty after enlistment under the provisions of sections one, two, and four of tthis act in favor of the parties legally entitled thereto; and the