War of the Rebellion: Serial 106 Page 1024 OPERATIONS ON THE PACIFIC COAST. Chapter LXII.

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Other States have filled with commendable promptitude every call that has been made upon them. The people have a very natural repugnance to a draft, under which every drafted man must serve or furnish a substitute. Under it there must inevitably be some cases of severe but necessary hardship. Opportunity is now given to avoid such a draft. The men are needed promptly, and every consideration of patriotism and of State, local, and personal pride requires that you commence promptly and prosecute vigorously the business of obtaining volunteers. The officers of the State, feeling the most earnest desire that the entire State should avoid a draft, appeal to the patriotic citizens of your county, through you, who are their officers and legal and natural representatives. As guardians of their rights and of their honor, it is incumbent upon you to respond to this appeal by earnest and successful work. Call to your aid the assistance of the active and influential citizens of the county. Let every loyal citizen of the county understand, and, if possible, induce him to realize that he has an immediate and personal interest in the success of your efforts, If necessary, call meetings in your school districts and bring the matter home to every ingabitant. Funds will be needed to pay expenses not provided for by law. Let subscriptions be circulated in each county for that purpose, and preserve a record of the names of the donors among the archives of the county. In short, the Governor, upon whom the requisition is made, expects, and justly, that you will respond to this call upon you with an earnestness of purpose which shall insure success. Due notice of the districting of the State will be given as soon as it can be made.

(Oregonian, Mountaineer, Sentinel, Albany Journal, State Journal, and Gsert four weeks.)

AN ACT granting bounties to the volunteers of this State, enlisted in the service of the United States, for issuing bonds to provide funds for the payment of the same, and to levy a tax to pay such bonds.

Be it enacted by the Legislative Assembly of the State of Oregon, as follows:

SECTION 1. There is hereby granted to every soldier who shall hereafter enlist for three years, or during the war, in any regiment, battalion, company, troop, or battery, now organized or hereafter to be organized or raised as part of the quota of volunteers of this State under the laws of Congress and the orders of the President of the United States, during the existing rebellion, and there shall be paid out of the fund hereinafter provided for, in addition to othere bounties and pay now provided for and authorized by any law of this State or of the United States, to every such enlisted soldier, a bounty of one hundred and fifty dollars, in manner following, to wit: The sum of fifty dollars to be paid at the time of enlistment, and the sum of fifty dollars to be paid after the expiration of the first year of such service, and the sum of fifty dollars at the expiration of such term of enlistment: Provided, That such bounty shall in no case be paid on the order of such soldier, but shall be paid to him personally, in the same manner as soldiers in the Army of the United States are now paid, excepting only where the same shall be necessary for the support of his wife or family, or upon certificates executed by such soldier after each succesive payment shall have fallen due under the provisions of