War of the Rebellion: Serial 106 Page 1019 Chapter LXII. CORRESPONDENCE-UNION AND CONFEDERATE.

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he can find out all and everything, for amongst the upper class all the plots come. The lower class, they only execute them. If a person waits until he finds out anything by them it will be too late for the Government to derive any advantage from it, for by that time it is all done. What they intend, they say, is that iif McClellan gets defeated at the election they will have to have recourse to something else for the purpose of compelliing the Administration to make peace. This I heard from a party who seems to know a great deal about them. There are men going daily from Los Angeles by twos and threes who represent themselves as miners going to the Colorado. I learned from a man who came from the Walker's Diggings district that there was a man by the name of Woolsey who has organized a company for the purpose of fighting Indians, but his real motive is to commence a war in Arizona as soon as they can get help from Texas. At the present everything is very quiet about Los Angeles. They expect help from Nevada. I saw a man who came from there on the 24th of September and went away agaiin on the 2nd of October. When he was att Los Angeles he was all the time with Charles Howard, and one of the men who belongs to the Golden Circle told me that this man, Carter, from Nevada, has brought them good news from the upper country. He saiid that the order was well organized in Nevada, and better armed than what they were in California. He went up toward Visalia. there are a good many men lying around in the mountains between Los Angeles and San Bernardino, but they lie around in partiies of two and three, hunting and prospecting. Most of them are on foot on account of grass being very sscarce. The offiicers of Sant Barbara are Nidhiver and Renny. The number of men in that county I could not find out, but they are only few, as there are not a great meny Americans in the county, and the natives don't trouble themselves about politics.

Yours, respectfully,



Salem, October 20, 1864.

Major General IRVIN McDOWELL,

San Francisco, Cal.:

Your telegram requesting a regiment of infantry has just been received. I will do all in my power to raise it, but fear I may not have as good succes as desired. I recommended the Legislature, now in session, to offer bounties, but now it is but one day to the time of adjournment, and I regret to say that I fear the bill introduced for that purpose will not pass.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Governor of Oregon.

SALEM, October 20, 1864.

General B. ALVORD,


Regiment of infantry ordered by McDowell. I'll see you Wednesday.