War of the Rebellion: Serial 106 Page 0939 Chapter LXII. CORRESPONDENCE - UNION AND CONFEDERATE.

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invested with the signs, password, and grip, to enable them to recognize their brothers and make themselves known, which are: First, to attract attention of any brother present, take hold of the breast of the coat or about the third button, carrying the hands about an inch out from the body and back twice, as if in the act of fitting the coat to your body. The answer to this sign is to throw the left hand to the small of the back carelessly. This satisfies the party that they are recognized, but they will have been further proved. After selecting a proper place the challenger proceeds to prove his brother as follows: Q. "Do you know Jones?" A. "What Jones?" Q. "Preacher Jones. " A. "Yes. " Q. "Have you the password?" A. "I have. " Q. "Will you give it to me?" A. "That is not the way I obtained it. " Q. "What will you do with it?" A. "I will divide it with you. " Q. "Well, you divide it, and begin. " A. "No; you begin. " Q. "No, you begin; the word is yours. " A. "Death. " Q. "To. " A. "All. " Q. "Traitors. " They then take hands, giving the grip, which is given by inserting the little finger between the little finger and the next one and then clasping the hands, the questioner giving one shake and saying "Right," the answering man another shake and saying "Brother. " This completes the proof of each belonging to the thirty-third or first degree, and any communication between them is proper. So far neither man is supposed to know that any other or higher degree exists. But for the purpose of explanation we will suppose that they both have the second degree, or what is called the fifty-seventh degree, meaning "constitution. " The first hailing sign in this degree is made by taking off the hat with the left hand, bringing it down to the side of the head, and placing the right hand on the top of the head in an easy, careless manner; this is answered by taking off the hat with the left hand in the same manner. Test sign follows: The thumb and forefinger of left hand rub the under lip; the answer is made by touching the pit of the stomach with the thumb and forefinger of right hand, as in the act of holding a pen. This having been properly answered the question may be asked: "Have you the password?" Upon the reply in the affirmative the password is given with the same ceremony as before, being divided. The word is "Andalusia," being divided An1-da2-lu3-sia4. The questioner then asks, "Have you the sacred password?" and upon an affirmative answer the same process of getting is observed, with this difference, that this word is lettered. The word is "Eloi. " After this the grip is given. The right hand of each is placed together and thrust up until each grasps the wrist of the other, and the questioner gives one shake, saying "Right; " the other party then reaches with the left hand and takes the left hand of the questioner in the same manner, giving it one shake, and says "Brother. " This completes the proof of membership in the second degree. The are some other signs for special occasions. Sign of caution or danger: Place the left hand upon the breast and raise the right vertically, the elbow as high as the shoulders. Sign of distress: Clasp the hands together, unlocking the fingers; raise them to the chin, saying, "Santa Maria. " Sign of recognition on horseback: Gresping the left breast of the coat with left hand, giving two moves of the hand coat about two inches and back, the party answering salutes with right hand. There is a night sign, made by clasping the hands and calling out "Ho!" which is answered by saying "Hi!" Before being invested with these signs the candidate is carefully examined as to his age, occupation, residence, former place of residence, birthplace, what military service he has done, his opinions upon the