War of the Rebellion: Serial 106 Page 0894 Chapter LXII. OPERATIONS ON THE PACIFIC COAST.

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would be charged for flour, and that a convention would be called early in August to establish prices under the new policy. The next day the one article of flour rose in our markets from $15 to $23 per hundred, and it is still rising inprice. If other evidence were necessary of the deep complicity of Brigham Young in this as in all other unpatriotic movements designed to cripple the Government ad lead his dupes to the very verge of treason, the following single extract from the leading editorial article in the last issue of the Deseret News, July 7, the quasi organ of the church, which draws its whole inspiration from Brigham himself, would be sufficient. The whole article is replete with economic solecism and the crudest fallacies concerning currency, and is leveled directly at the integrity of national Treasury notes. A single paragraph will suffice:

Mechanics, laborers, producers, and all concstand at a glance that we deem greenbacks the most uncertain in value of all the commodities in their possession, and we trust will govern themselves accoridingly, lest, though retiring at night with pockets overflowing with currency, they awake bankrupt.

In addition to this a daily paper has recently been started in the city, nominally under the control of T. B. H. Stenhouse, the nation's Mormon postmaster in Great Salt Lake City, but really an doffshoot of the church organ. This paper, called the Telegraph, under the guise of commercial articles, as well as in its leading editorials, is daily engaged in puffing up the movement, insidiously bearing the national currency and advocating gold as the basis of trade, barter, and commerce. The word has gone forth to the people from the tabernacle, from the church organ, and its little coadjutor, while the high priest of iniquity and hypocrisy is perambulating the Territory, instilling the poison into the popular ear and striking a most fatal blow at the vital interests of the Territory, as well as at the currency of the nation. The convention will assemble early in August proximo, to more fully carry out the behests and traitorous designs of Brigham Young, a man hardly second in disloyalty and evil intent to Jeff. davis himself. Without dwelling on the details of the effects of this unpatriotic movement, I beg leave again to ask for instructions from the department commander as to the course to be pursued, and for authority to check this most villainous undertaking of rank and deeply dyed traitors.

I have the honor to remain, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Brigadier-General, Commanding


Fort Vancouver, Wash. Ter., July 9, 1864.

(Via Fort Dalles, Oreg.)

Captain R. S. CALDWELL,

First Oregon Cavalry, Commanding Expedition on Canyon City Road:

CAPTAIN: The detachment of forty cavalry, Oregon volunteers, under Lieutenant Nathan Olney, has been ordered to join your command as soon as it is mustered into the service, as see Special Orders, Numbers 94, of current series, from these headquarters. The general commanding the district desires you to give said detachment every opportunity of active service in the field. They have gallantly come forward to aid in the duty of keeping the Canyon City road free from the raids of the Snake Indians, and you will give them every opportunity of doing so. Your