War of the Rebellion: Serial 106 Page 0722 OPERATIONS ON THE PACIFIC COAST. Chapter LXII.

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and emigrants to Guaymas in Mexico and to the Colorado mines in the vicinity of Fort Yuma in California. A competent agent of the Govenment, not known to the people of the Pacific as ever having had any connection with the Confederacy, will either accompany me or leavethe Confederacy for Guaymas with the necessary funds, within two months after my deprture for California, who, having arrived at his destination, will ostensibly act as agent of various mining companies and of said Immigrant Aid Society, settle freight and transportation accounts, furnish, when necessary, subsistence, arms, &c. He will also regularly furnish the troops as they arrive with proper passports duly obtained from the proper Mexican authorities with the usual permit to carry arms. The troops will leave Guaymas in small squads moving by different routes into the interior, assuming to be minners and immigrants, some inquiring for lands, which they desire to buy or rent, others inquiring for and making their way directly to the rich mineral region on the borders of Arizona. The troops destined for the Colorado mines and going from the coast couties will go by sailing vessels, steamers, and stages to Los Angeles, thence in small squads by land to the Colorado mines, and others for the same destination from the interior counties will go in small squads by the various interior routes. I will designated a competent officer who will accompany the first parties going by the way of Mexico, muster them into the service, and organize them into companies as they arrive on Confederate soil in Arizona. I will also designated a competent officer with Like powers, who will accompany the troops going by the way of the Colorado, and who, in a quiet way, will muster them into service and organize them into companies. When a sufficient number of troops shall have arrived, both in the interior of Arizona and upon the Colorado, I will also find y way to thathe Colorado mines, having previously arranged with said societies to continue sending miners and emigrants as before, until the news shall have reached California that the Confederate flag floats in Arizona, after which time they will continue to send them as before, but by interior and unused routes. Immediatelyupon my arrival at the Colorado mines I will perfect the organization of that portion of the expedition, and them, without delay, capture Fort Yuma, with all the troops and Government property connected therewith. I will then cause all the arms, munitions, stores, wagons, horses, mules, and all other property captured therwith, to be removed to the Arizona side of the Colorado River. I will ten, with the aid of Greek fire, destroy the fort and the three steamer now on that river, thus completely demolishing at one blow the Federal's key and only means of transportation to that Territory. I will then enlist and muster into the service such of the prisoners as may desire to unite with us, parole the balance and send them across the Great Desert, and then by means of the trains already captured I will remove everything valuable to the interior of the Territory. The officers in command of the forces arriving by the way of Mexico will be instructed to remain with his men in the character of miners and immigrants within the Mexican territory, if his safety shall require it, until I shall have arrived with the forces from the Colorado, to send out scoits and spies as miners to Fort Buchanan, Tucson, and elsewhere, so as to have the exact state of things throughout the surrounding country. But if he ascertain that his forces are ample for that purpose he will be directed to surprise and capture Fort Buchana at once, with everything appertaining thereto, being careful to allow none of the Federal civil officers to escape. Whether Fort Buchanan shall have been captured by the forces from