War of the Rebellion: Serial 106 Page 0705 Chapter LXII. CORRESPONDENCE - UNION AND CONFEDERATE.

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Colorado River at or near Fort Yuma. Theitr destination will be the Colorado and Gila Rivers, and the mining regions adjacent thereto. When their numbers shall have increased to several hundreds they will be directed to reduce Fort Yuma, and tranfer everything pertaining thereto to the Arizona side of the Colorado River, enlist the prisoners favorable to the Confederate cause, parole those unfavorable, and then establish a permanent garrison at Arizona City. They will then be directed to seize the three steamers which now ply between the fort and the mouth of the Colorado, thus cutting off all possibility of Yankee invasion in that direction. By means of these steamers and the Government teams, which will already have been captured at Fort Yuma, the new garrison and all western Arizona may be easily and amply supplied. So soon as the above work shall have been accomplished, the troops, except a sufficient number to maintain the new garrison, will be ordered tio Tucson, when they will join the troops who have in the meantime arrived in the Territory via Mexico. The troops via Mexico will also be directed to obtain proper passports, abstain from all improper conduct, and to pass quickly through the country in small parties as mining companies, until they shall have reached the Territory of Arizona, where they will rendezvous near the line. when passing through the Mexican territory and when in rendezvous, they will purchase their supplies of the Mexican people. As soon as their number shall have increased to several hundreds they will be directed to reduce Fort Buchanan, leaving a sufficient force to maintain the same, and then the whole remaining force will be directed to march eastward to the Rio Grande, when they will also reduce the fort and establish a garrison. The civil government will then be put in motion and permanently maintained. If the second proposition is adopted, I will immediately return to California through Mexico by the same route by which I ceans will be employed to raise the troops. Fort Yuma will be destroyed, the steamers which are private property will be destroyed or bonded, and the prisoners disposed of as before. The whole force, together with stores, arms, munitions, &c., will then be moved into the interior to a point at or near Tucson, where they will be joined by the forces arriving via Mexico. Fort Buchanan will be destroyed, the prisoners disposed of as before, and a small garrison established at Tucson, when the whole remaining force, with arms, stores, &c., will be moved to ythe Mesilla Valley, when the fort in that vicinity will be reduced and the prisoners disposed of as before, leaving a small garrison at Mesialla; the whole force will then move directly on to San Antonio, Tex., or as otherwise directed by the proper authority. To enable me to accomplish either of the above objects, all that I require is the authority and means. If the first proposition is adopted, means to introduce and maintain the troops will be required. If the second is adopted means to introduce the troops will only be required.


Fort Humboldt, Cal., December 19, 1863.


Hdqrs. Department of the PAcific, San Francisco, Cal.:

SIR: I have the honor to report the arrival in this military district of Companies E and H, Second Infantry California Volunteers, Captain Gibbs and Lieutenant Gonnisson, respectively, commanding. Company E has its headquarters at Camp Curtis and will garrison that

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