War of the Rebellion: Serial 106 Page 0704 OPERATIONS ON THE PACIFIC COAST. Chapter LXII.

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of twenty years, and since its admission into the old Union has been a prominent and influential citizen of that State, holding various and important positions of public trust. We have the fullest confidence in his capacity and ability to accomplish all he may undertake, and believe the organization and direction of the proposed expedition can safely be instructed to him with every prospect of a successful consummation.

Trusting the considerations herein submitted may commend themselves to the approval of Your Excellency, we have the honor to remain, most respectfully, your obedient servants,


Delegate Arizona Territory.







Proposition 1. - I will raise in California from 1,000 to 5,000 of superior troops with whom I will reduce Fort Yuma in that State, capture the U. S. troops, the military posts and all other Government property in Arizona, establish and maintain the Confederate Territorial government, hold permanent possession of the Territory, keep the thoroughfare open, and maintain an unbroken intercourse between the Confederate States and California.

Proposition 2. - I will raise in California from 3,000 to 10,000 of superior troops, with whom I will destroy Fort Yuma, in that State, capture all U. S. troops, military posts, and all other Government property in Arizona, and then, with the same force, march directly through the Mesilla Valley via El Paso to Texas, leaving small garrisons at proper intervals throuhgout the Territory merely to hold possession thereof in the name of the Confederacy. And by changing my mode of operations, places of depatrure, and line of march, I will throw an additional force into Texas from California at least every six months during this unholy war.


If the first proposition is adopted I will immediately return to California through Mexico by the same route by which I came. Upon arriving in California I will at once publish a small work in pamphlet form, descriptive of the mineral resources of Arizona and Mexico, claiming to have derived myinformation from personal observation during a residence of five years in Arizona and an extensive exploration made during the last six months in Mexico. At the same time I shall be constantly employed withmany others in organizing mining companies both for Arizona and Mexico, who will propose to give free passage to their employes, deducting the amount from their wages. The parties organizing these companies shall be sterling Southern men, who will advertise for men generally, but will receive none but those favorable to the Confederate cause. This work will be published and the mining companies formed merely as a blind, while through the influence of secret organizations which now exist throughout the State the right kind of men will be sent on as mining companies by every steamer and sailing vessel to Mexico, and by every steamer, sailing vessel, and stage to Los Angeles. Those going via Los Angeles will cross the great desert in small companies and will rendeazvous on the