War of the Rebellion: Serial 106 Page 0663 Chapter LXII. CORRESPONDENCE-UNION AND CONFEDERATE.

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the loyal citizens of your district, and as soon as the organization of the companies of Nevada cavalry is compelled and they are prepared for service, I will post one of them in the Owen's River Valley. You must bear in mind, gentlemen, that I have a great many urgent calls for troops to protect our hardy pioneers against Indians, and a very small number of soldiers to meet all these pressing calls, and besides looking after Indians I have a still more important business on hand to look after traitors within our borders, and to be prepared to meet foes from without. Notwithstanding my embarrassments I will do all I can for you. Permit me to sugges to the loyal citizens of your district the propriety of organizing volunteer companies either in California or Nevada. Such companies, when composed of loyal and true men, and accepted by their Governor, can obtain arms from the Government. Such organizations are indispensable for the protection of the people, more especially in these times, when the Government of the United States is straining every nerve and usin all its means to crush an unholy rebellion.

With great respect, I am, gentlemen, your most obedient servant,


Brigadier-General, U. S. Army, Commanding.

P. S. -In my suggestions relative to forming volunteer companies, I refer to State militia organizations, not for muster into the service of the United States, but always ready to defend their own firesides and uphold the Constitution, the laws, and the Union.

G. W.


Carson City, Nev. Ter., November 5, 1863.

Brigadier General G. WRIGHT,

Commanding Department of the Pacific:

SIR: The loyal citizens of Storey County, of this Territory, have formed a military company under the militia laws of this Territory, and have in all respects complied with the laws to entitle them to arms and accounterments. The name of the company is the Washoe Guards, Captain Thomas G. Murphy, who rsides at Virginia City, Nev. Ter. I desire that they should have sixty stand of arms issued tothem, together with all the accouterments pertaining to a perfect equipment.

Yours, with great respect,


Governor and Commander-in-Chief of the Militia, of the Territory of Nevada.



San Francisco, Cal., November 6, 1863.

Lieutenant Colonel William Jones, Second Cavalry California Volunteers, will on receipt of this order turn over the command of the troops at Camp Babbitt, Visalia, to the officer next in rank, and proceed to Camp Douglas, near Salt Lake City, Utah Ter., and report to Brigadier General P. Edward Connor for duty. He will report first at San Francisco, to be musterd in as colonel. The quartermaster's department will furnish the necessary transportation.

By order of Brigadier-General Wright:


Assistant Adjutant-General.