War of the Rebellion: Serial 106 Page 0594 OPERATIONS ON THE PACIFIC COAST. Chapter LXII.

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infantry) under command of Captain Moron, Second Infantry California Volunteers, and finding that there was much excitement here abut a large force of guerrillas, said to be organizing for the purpose of driving out the peaceable Indians and bidding definance to the troops stationed here, I immediately assumed command, and proceeded to relocate the camp in a position better calculated for offensive and defensive operations and more desirable in point of health. I found it necessary to locate the camp with a view to some permanence, as we have but one tema and wagon for trasportaion, and seven wagons or a corresponding number of pak anumals would be required to move the command, with the entire amount of subsistence stores now on hand, together with the ordinary amount of baggage and campequipage; and I presume it will not be necessary to detach but one company at a time in removing the Indians at present. I am informed that the party of men threatening to make a raid uponthe Indians here are to hold a meeting to- day at Pentz's ranch, sixteen miles fromhere, fort he purpose of taking further action in regard to the matter, and as they are principally, if not all, copperheads and anti- war men, it is generally thought that they will attend a grand barbecue to be held here to- morrow by the democracy. The citizens here seem to be very much alarmed, I think unnecessarily so, and don't apprehend any serious trouble, but shall take all the necessary percuations in my power. If the commanding general should deem it necessary or advisable to send additinal troops to this point, I would most respectfully suggest that ehy consist in part of cavalry, making the cavary force here equal to one full company with two or more oficers, as cavalry detahcments will be muh more efficient in collecting in and removing the praceable Indians. It will be necessary that a physician be employed for this command unless it should be deemed advisable to order a surgeon here, as there are quite a number of men sik with the prevaili8ng disease here, fever and ague, or chill fever. Please favor me immediately with general instructions as to the course I am to pursue here in regard tot he Indinas, and also in regard to violent and disloyal citizens. To what extent am I to be guided by the requests and istructions of the superintendent of Indian affairs and his agents, and how far from this point will I be authorized to gowith or send detachments in collecting and removing Indians at the request of that officer, or in compliance with his wishes, and to what extent will I be authorized in hiring or procuring transportation for detachments so employed.

Trusting that all informalities and irregualrities in the above will be overlooked, I have the honor to subscribe myself, very respectfully, colonel, your obedient servant,


Lieutenant- Colonel Sixth Infnatry California Volunteers.

Second Lieutenant Winchill, Company K, Second Infnatry Calironia Volunteers, will perfomr the duties of adjutant, quartemaster, and commissary to my command.

A. E. H.


Fort Humboldt, August 28, 1863.

Major W. S. R. TAYLOR,

First Batt. Mountaineers, California Bols, Commanding Fort Gaston:

MAJOR: It is the intention of the district commander to relive Company B, at Fort Gast on, by Company C, the latter to arrive at Fort