War of the Rebellion: Serial 106 Page 0565 Chapter LXII. CORRESPONDENCE- UNIN AND CONFEDERATE.

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appearances, several days had elapsed since the occurrence of the tragedy, and there were no tracks or trail to guide the soldiers that they might follow up abd indentify the guilty parties. No Indian tribes dwell int he immediate vicinity, and it was impossible to tell where the Indians came fromt hat committed this deparedation. They might have been from any of the numerous small tribes or calns living within thirty, forty, or fity miles. It has been very nearly demostrated that the Hoopa Indians go out in small parties to points distant from Fort Gaston and depredate upon white settlers, returning before their absence is noted. The recent outrage in Trininty County instances the feeling of hatred entertained against the whites by the Indians of northern California, and illustrates their style of warfare. When seen at or near their own homes the Indians but seldom evince animosity toward white people, and even if but recently returned from a murderous foray into some weak settlement, they will assume an air of meekness and a look of innocence which would diosarm the suspicions of any but the most observing and experienced frontiersman. The settlement on New River is about thirty miles distant from FOrt Gaston, a dn as far from a any considerable number of white people. But few miners have been living there the present season, a dn they have but little property there which the Indians can destroy. Altogether there cannot be more thean twenty- five men, a dn of this number I am credibly informed several live with Indian women. Scouting parties will frequently be sent out from Fort Gaston to this neighborhood, but to afford certain and continued protection the presence of a small number of troops is required. It cannot be expected that detachments of troops can be stationed at every point where there may be danger of an attack from Indians. Whe this is made apparent to the few inhabitants of New River, they will probably deem it advisable to live near each other for mutual protection, or go to some less dangerous locality until such times as all pertions of this military district shall be safe from savage cruelties.

I am, colonel, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Lieutenant Colonel First Battalion Mountaineers, California Vols.,

Commanding Humboldt Military District.


San Fracnico, Cal., Augu; st 13, 1863.


Third Artillery, Commanding Fort Point, Cal.:

SIR: Any former instructions fromthese headquarters or elsewhere restricting you int he disposition of the armament of your post can, the general commanding directs, be modified to the extent you may desire necessary for its proper defense and guarding the entrance to the harbor of San Francisco.

Veryr esepctfully, your obedient servant,


Assistant Adjutant-General.