War of the Rebellion: Serial 106 Page 0520 OPERATIONS ON THE PACIFIC COAST. Chapter LXII.

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route will acquaint you with the serious difficulty that attends the supply of that portion of this district which at present depends upon your department. I am at loss to understand the meaning of the following paragraph of your letter:

It is necessary for a proper understanding of the wants of your command that the chief commissary should be acquainted monthly with the number of troops in the District of Arizona, as also the amount of supplies on hand at the several stations within the district.

This suggests the idea that the entire District of Arizona is to be supplied from the Department of the Pacific. However expedient such a course might prove, I have no information from the Department of New Mexico to that effect. I shall therefore until further orders conclude that only the troops which have heretofore been supplied from your department, to wit, the garrisons of Tucson and Fort Bowie (Apache Pass) are intended by your communication. Instructions will be sent to the commanding officer at Tucson to have the depot acting assistant quartermaster and acting commissary of subsistence at that point acquaint your respective chiefs os staff with the state of his supplies at the termination of each month and the number of troops to be supplied will also be communicated. It is not at all probable that the number of troops at the two stations above named will be increased from the Rio Grande. Additions, if any, will come from California, and their movement swill guide you as to the extent of the increased supplies that will be needed long before I dan be apprised of such necessity. You will readily apprehend the difficulties attending the supply of this district, and I respectfully ask the indulgence of General Wright toward any informalitieglect on my part and that until the matter be thoroughly understood such instructions be given your staff the at Fort Yuma as will prevent the possibility of the garrisons at Tucson and Fort Bowie, or new troops coming into the district, from suffering from any lack of supplies.

I am, colonel, with much respect, your obedient servant,


Brigadier-General, Commanding.


Hart's Mill., Tex., July 12, 1863


First Cavalry California Volunteers, in the Field:

MAJOR: Orders have been received to send Company A, First Infantry California Volunteers, to Fort Union, I am therefore compelled to recall it from your expedition. Company E, Fifth Infantry California Volunteers, Captain Harrover, will be sent to relieve it, starting from Franklin on the 14th instant. The order for Captain Crandal to return directs that his company shall repair to Las Cruces; but if, from your knowledge of the road, you judge it advisable to send the company direct from Fort Thorn to Fort Craig, I wish that to be done. In this event the men of Captain Crandal's company who are now on extra duty at Las Cruces will be sent to Fort Craig, with the surplus property of the company left at their former station. Should you have the opportunity be good enough to apprise Captain James H. Whitlock, Fifth Infantry California Volunteers, commanding Las Cruces, what route Captain Crandal's company will take. The transportation taken by Captain Harrover to Fort Thorn you will use either to send