War of the Rebellion: Serial 106 Page 0504 OPERATIONS ON THE PACIFIC COAST. Chapter LXII.

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order Company A, First Infantry California Volunteers, and all surplus stores back to Las Cruces, calling on the commanding officer of that post for transportation.

Wishing you every success, I am, major, your obedient servant,


Brigadier-General, Commanding.


Hart's Mill, Tex., June 29, 1863.

Lieutenant Colonel WILLIAM McMULLEN,

First Infantry California Volunteers, Las Cruces:

COLONEL: Inclosed is an order for the movement of Company A, First Infantry California Volunteers, to Fort Thorn. If upon the report of Lieutenant McAllister you judge, that the company can pass at San Diego Crossing with a small train, send them by that route, with orders to encamp at that crossing until supplies mentioned below can be sent to them by you. As soon as you have the transportation send 6,000 rations to Fort Thorn (a few sheep, but principally salt meat). Captain Crandal will remain at San Diego Crossing until this train arrives, and will then proceed with it to Fort Thorn. In the meantime he can be putting the boats, etc. in order and picking out the best ford. If you have a good pontoon wagon send it and some rope. Have the subsistence invoiced to Lieutenant E. W. Wood, First Infantry California Volunteers, as acting commissary of subsistence. Pay particular attention to the condition of the packages; let them be strengthened as much as possible. Send fifty pairs cavalry boots, medium sizes, to Fort Thorn, invoiced to Captain Albert H. French, First Cavalry California Volunteers. Send forty pairs shoes, medium sizes, sewed, to Captain Francis S. Mitchell, First Infantry California Volunteers. Send 100 horse and 100 mule shoes, fitted, and nails pointed, invoiced to Captain French. It is desirable to have hard bread made for this expedition-say 6,000 rations. I believe this can be done in Mesilla by a baker named George Ross. Please give your immediate attention to this. You can pay any reasonable expenses. Endeavor to furnish to the acting commissary of subsistence some lime juice and 500 pounds of panole; also some fresh onions. The two former articles can be issued upon the certificate of the commanding officer. In case the San Diego Crossing should be reported upon unfavorably, ascertain from Jose Doming or Mr. John Lemon, of Mesilla, if a road for wagons around to Picacho and up the west bank of the river to Fort Thorn is not practicable. I am quite satisfied that it is. If you are compelled to use the latter route, keep Captain Crandal's company until you have everything ready and then push them through. Direct Captain Crandal to see the stores securely housed at Fort Thorn and to either quarter the company at the post or at an eligible point within a mile of it. Also to send all his transportation back to Las Cruces, escorted by ten men unless Major McCleave, First Cavalry California Volunteers, should have meanwhile joined him and shall otherwise direct. Inform Captain Crandal that when joined in the field by Major McCleave, or other superior commander, he will obey his orders. In furnishing the 6,000 rations of subsistence, your particular attention is called to the closing paragraph of Department New Mexico General Orders, Numbers 81, series 1862. Be good enough to communicate to me what progress you make under these instructions, and inform me if any difficulties present themselves to carrying them out in detail.