War of the Rebellion: Serial 106 Page 0384 Chapter LXII. OPERATIONS ON THE PACIFIC COAST.

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as circumstances will permit. This command will take thirty days' subsistence and such quartersmaster's property and stores as may be necessary while en route for its post. On its arrival at Fort Mojave there will be sufficient subsistence for their immediate wants. Captain Fitch will be instructed to give all needful protection to the mining settlements, while at the same time encouraging the Indian triges to continue paecafu. He will communicae frequently as to the probble resources of the country and as to the wants of the service it that quarter. The march should be made from Camp Drum to Fort Mojave in about eighteen days.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Assistant Adjutant-General.



No 90. San Francisco, Cal., April 7, 1863.

* * * * * * *

3. Two companies of the Second Regiment Infantry California Volunteers, to be selected by the district commander from those companies Benicia Barracks. The quartermaster's department will furnish the necessary transportation.

By order of Brigadier-General Wright:


Assistant Adjutant-General.

To the Citizens of the Pacific Coast:

You are far removed from the scenes of war and desolation; a war which has drenched in blood the fairest portion of our beloved country; a war to preserve our Union and our free instructions against the assaults of traitors-traitors to their God and traitors so the country; who, discregarding the example and precepts of the great Washington seek to destroy our very existence as a nation. During the war which has been reging for the last two years in the Eastern States you have enjoyed all the blessings of place and prosperity within your borders. No family heart has been made desolate. The wailings of the widow and orpham are rarery heard in this favored land. So far you have been exempt from the scourge of war. Are you prepared, then, to sacrifice all these blessings, to prove recreat to yourselves, to the nation, and to the night and holy trust transmitted to your by the founders of our Republic? Numbers Already I hear the welkin ring with shouts of acclamation: "The Union shall be preserved. " Althought the great mass of the people on the Pacific Coast are eminently patriotic and devoped to the Union, yet, fellow-citizens, we must not disguise the fact that we have traitors in our midst who are doing all in their power to involte this country in the horors of civis war. To all such persons, I say, pause, and reflect well before plunging into the yawning abyss of treason; an indignat people will rise in their majesty, and swift retributive justice will be your certain doom.

Done at the headquarters of the Department of the Pacific this 7th day of April, 1863.


Brigadier-General, U. S. Army, Commandng.