War of the Rebellion: Serial 106 Page 0374 Chapter LXII. OPERATIONS ON THE PACIFC COAST.

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here by his permission, and that I will not go away at his desire or by his directions; I have given no cause of offence to any one; I have not entered a Mormon house since I came here; your wives and daughters have not been disturbed by me, and I have not even looked upon youlewd women. I am no skuld from the punishment of crimes; I tell you if you, or this man you so faithfully serve, attempt to interfere with my lawful busines, you will meet with trouble of a character you do not expect; a horse-thief or a murderr has, when arrested, a right to speak in court, and munless in such capacity and such circumstances, don't you ever dare to speak to me again.

Reply of Judge Waite to the committee on the same occasion:

To comply with your wishes, gentlemen, under such circumstances, would be to admit impliedly, ad least, one of two things: either that I was sensible of having done somenting wrong, or that I was afraid to remain at my post and perform my duty. I am not conscious either or fear. I am therefore obliged respectfully to decline acceding to your request.



San Francisco, Cal., March 30, 1863.

Major Edward McGarry, Second Cavalry California Volunteers, will repair without delay to Camp Ruby, Nev. Ter., and assume command of all troops at and in the vicintity of that post. Major McGarry will receive special instrucitons form this office regarding movements against the Indians depredating on the overland route. The quartermaster's department will furnish the necessary transportation.

By order of Brigdier-General Wright:


Assistant Adjutant-General.


San Francisco, Cal., March 30, 1863.


Second Cavalry California Volunteers, San Francisco, Cal.:

SIR: The department commander has this day ordered that you will proceed to Ruby Valley and assume commnand of all the troops pertaining to that camp as well as others sent toward as a re-enforcement. You are especially assigned to this duty to operate against the bands of Indians now depredating on the overland route west of Salt Lake City. On your arrival (or before, if you think it necessary) at Ruby Valley you will report by telegraph to Colonel connor for additional instructions, for the purpose of co-operating with any movements though necessary from Camp Douglas. The general desires you to give such disrections regarding supplies, both of subsistence and forage, as you may desire for the best interests of the service. The reduction of the present garrison at Fort Churchill will leave a large surplus of subsistance and possibly of forage at that post. You will therefore inquire into the possiblility of having this surplusage thrown forward at such points at you or Colonel may deem necessary to occupy at reasonable cost. I will forward a copy of this letter to Colonel Connor by to-day's mail.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Assistant Adjutant-General.