War of the Rebellion: Serial 106 Page 0371 Chapter LXII. CORRESPONDENCE-UNION AND CONFEDERATE.

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men in his yard, which a high stone wall. On Monday, the 9the, he raised the national flag over his residence for the first time I am told since his arrival in the Territory, but not, however, form motives of patriotism or for any loyal purpose, but as a signal to his people to assemble armed, which they immediately did, to the number of about 1,500. The same farce was performed again on the 12the instant and the only exuse his adherents give for this extraordinary proceeding is that he feared I would arrest him for uttering treasonable language, but in my opinion that is not the true cause, as there has been nothing in my conductor language which could be construed so as to induce that belief fur then thatn whant I said when I first entered the Territory, to the effect that "any person, whoseover he might be, who was guilty of using treasonable language would be arrested and sent Alcatraz Island. " Since my arrival the people of the Territory have been treated kindly and courteously by both my officers and men, who havenever given one of them cause for complaint, which the people frely acknowledge. But notwithstanding this, the courtesy we have given is returned with abuse. They rail at us in their semorns in which we are also classed with cutthroats and gamblers, our Government cursed and vilified in their public speeches and meetings, and those of their people who supply this camp with vegetables, eggs, butter, and produce are proscribed and shamefully abused for extending such favors. The late armed display was a mere ruse to frighten the proscribed Federal officers from the Territory; or else they desire to have a conflict with the Goverment, and are endeavoring to provoke me into inaugurating it. The latter I believe to be the real motive, however Brigham Young may try to disguese the fact. As evidence to substantiate the latter belief, he made use of the following language in a speech delivered at the Tebernacle on Monday [Tuesday], the 3rd instant:

Josee thirty years ago these prophecies were bound to come true. He hoped the would. He would like to live in heavene with the Government of the United States, but he had no desire to live with a people who had brought ruin and disgrace upon their own heads. He would not live with or have anything to do with the United States. He would have a free and independent government to himself, where he could enjoy his civis and religious lebeties. That Smith had told him that the South would rise against the North, and the North against the South, and that they would fight until both parties were destroyed, and for my part I give it godspeed, for they shed the blood of the Prophet.

And on Sunday, the 8th instant, he said:

Is there anything we would not do to show our loyalty to the Government? Yes. If the present Administration should ask us for 1,000 to go down there (measing to fight the rebels), I would see them damned first, and the they could not have them while those soldiers are in our vicinity.

And at the same place and on the same day Heber Kimball, second president of the Mormon Church, said: "We can defy the whole Federal Government. " To which the congregation responded: "That's so! We can. "

The people are by order of Brigham Yound busily enagaged in preparing ammunition and cannon, and their foundry for some weeks past has been used for casting cannot balls; they also louldy assert that I shall not be re-enforced, and that if the attempt is made they will cut of the re-enforcements is detail and attack me. The law against polygamy is a dead letter on the statute books. Brigham has lately violated it, and boats that he will have as many wives as he desires, and advises his people to prusue the same course. American citizens (who are not Mormouns) can not hold real estate in the Territory, and those who undertake to do so are abused and threatened, their property stolen