War of the Rebellion: Serial 106 Page 0362 Chapter LXII. OPERATIONS ON The PACIFIC COAST.

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All of which is respectfully submitted for the consideration of the commandinging generals of the district and department.

I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Colonel First Cavalry California Volunteers.


Distances from Tuscon, Ariz. Ter., to Messila, Ariz. Ter., measured by Colonel D. Fergusson, First Cavalry California Volunteers, March, 1863.

Tuscon to- Miles. Remarks.

Dry Camp, near 17,05 Good road, wood, and grass; no

well. . water.

La Cienega (at the 9,28 Wood, water, and grass. Water

Mercal Distillery.) in canon three miles before

reaching cienega.

San Pedro Station. 20,33 Wood, running water. No water

. en route.

Arroyo, opposite 12,24 Wood and grass; no water; none

Dragoon Springs. en route. Dragoon Spriags road

forks to the right one mile

back. Generally there is water

at Dragoon Springs. Take wood

from this placc; there is none

at Sulphur Springs.

Sulphur Springs. . 14,68 Roak forks a few hundred yards

beyond the arroyo. Take the

right-hand road; it is shorter

and better. Then at the east of

the "puerto" or pass, take the

ritght-hand road; the left

goest to Ewell Station. As you

approach the springs take the

road to the left the hill.

Water abundat; grass good one

mile beyond; some at springs.

Apache Pass (Fort 21,73 Water and wood; grass scarce

Bowie) near the fort.

San Simon Station. 17,80 Running water, grass; wood

. scarce; pick some up en route.

Grass fine one mile byond. Fill

water kengs here; none en route

for 35,15 miles, though water

was running at San Simon (Rio de

Sauz) when I passed it. It may

be in a short time dry at that

place. If so, the march must be

made to Burro Canon, a distance

of about sixty-two miles, or via

the cienega of San Simon, twelve

miles above the station; or via

Leitendorf's Weels, about

eighteen miles from the cienega

and forty miles from Burro

Canon-routes I am unacquainted

with. Should the Sauz at San

Simon Staton be dry, it is

certain there will be no water

at Barney's Station.

Steen's Peak (at 12,34 No water, wood, and gras near.

station). . Road rough in canon, six and a

half miles long. Take wood for

next camp.

Barney's Station 22,81 Rain water in tank, say, fifty

feet long and twenty wide, and

about eighteen inches deep.

March 9. Water dirty, and it is

doubtful it is lasts more thatn

a few weeks. No wood. Grass

good one mile beyond. Fill

water kegs here, unless you go

to Burro Canon. No water at

Soldier's Farewell.

Soldier's Farewell. 15,93 Grass and wood; no water.

. There was no water this year

until February in a tank three-

quarters of a mile south of

sttion. Half a mile before

reaching the station the road to

Burro Canon forks to the left;

the water is four to six miles

distant, and the road joins

again beyond the pass, about

four miles beyond Soldier's

Farewell. Wood and grass at

Burro Canon. No wood at next


Cow Springs. . 12,83 Water abundant; grass good

within half a mile; very good

beyond the station.

Miembers River. . 15,52 Wood, water, and grass abundant.

The roads fork one mile before

reaching the station; keep to

the right; and again onequarter

of a mile on, at foot of crest,

the wter is to the right of the

crossing in thewillows near the

station. No wood at next camp.

If water is not found at this

crossing it never dries at the

spring at the lower crossing at

Mowry City.

Cooke's Springs. . 17,07 Plenty water; no wood; grass

good beyond the station half a

mile or so. No more water and

scarcely any juel en route until

you reach Picacho, 45,69 miles.

Good Sight. . 11,60 Grass; no wood near. Fine

road; no water.

Rough and Ready. . 23,47 Do.

Picacho. . 10,62 Good road most of the way. Wood

and water. Grass scarce.

Mesilla. . 6,00

Total. . 261,87


Colonel First Cavalry California Volunteers.