War of the Rebellion: Serial 106 Page 0319 Chapter LXII. CORRESPONDENC-UNION AND CONFEDERATE.

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of the Government. I can only allude briefly to the ferquent and flagrant violations of the law and the audaciousd interference with its operations. The law for the prohibition of polygamy is daily violated under the very eyes of the Federal cours by citizens and members of the Mormon Church, who are composed chiefly of the very lowest class of forgieners and aliens. Naturally opposed to our laws, they do not hesiate at violating them, and are wiling tools in the hands of their leaders, hesitating and the commission of no crime. Political machinations, pludering expeditions, Indian barterings, and intigues are things of daily occurrence and are constantly brought to my notice. Not the least respect is paid to the marriage relation; instance of iscestuous connection and the crime of bigamy are not only tolerated but encouraged by the Mormon creed, which is inimical to the U. S. laws, winks at murder, pillge, and rapine, and is the very embodiment of hypocrisy; mocks at God and isults the nation. Civil law is a perfectly dead letter in the statute books; they have the right of trial by jury, and under their rule it becomes the instrument of oppression to those who are so independent as to be without the pale of the church and so unfortunate as to need its aid. The people, from Brigham down to the very lowest, are disloyal almost to a man, and treason, if not openly preached, is covertly encouraged and willful and imfamous misrepresentations as to the intention of the Government toward this people constantly made under the specious guise of heavenly revelations. Under the same convenient cloak Brigham has been engaged in mounting cannon, ostensibly for protection against Indian depredations, and by this means has placed himself in a position of fromidable importance as an emey. He has fifteen cannon, 9, 12, and 24 pounders, ready for use, and workmen have been engaged for a long time past in manufacturing fixed ammunition of every description, and I truly belea serious reverse to our arms, or a forgein war, to break out into open rebellion, and if I understand the siguification of his preparations they mean rebellion and nothing else. From the time of my arrival in this district until the present Brigham has show unmistakable evedences of harted and disloyalty to the Government, and a disposition to embarrass my command by charging enormous prices for such articles as he knew I would require, and forbiddidng their sale at a less price than that fixed by himself or his bishop. As an evidence of this fact your attention is respectfully called to the inclosed list* of prices prescribed by one Bishop Miller at his instignation. I have been a careful of affairs, and have know many of his plans and transactions without the facts being known to him, and if the crimes and designs of this people were known and understood by the people of the United States as I understand and know them, it would cause such a brust of indignation as would result in the utter annihilation of this whole people, and if the present rebellion is a punishment for any national sin, I believe it is for permiting this unholy, blasphemous, and unnatural institution to exist almost in the heart of the nation, ignoring its horrid crimes and allowing it to extedn its ramifications into every grade of society in defiance of laws humas and divine. To relate the revolting crimes and the numerous outrages which are daily perpetrated by Brigham and his church were superfluous. Suffice it to say, then, if the social and political alltitude of this people is such as I believe it is, the sooner we are rid of the nation of the sigma, the better it will be for us. To accomplish this I would respectfully suggest that there are

* Omitted.