War of the Rebellion: Serial 106 Page 0283 Chapter LXII. CORRESPONDENCE-UNION AND CONFEDERATE.

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soldiers get is from this man. Articles of clothing are being constantly stolen from the men's quarters, often from good, sober, and reliable men, who of course have the loss charged to them. It is notorius that most of these articles are brought by Shannahan at a trifling price and paid for in liquor, and yet so adroitly has the business been managed, and so numerous are his friends among the soldiers, that it has been impossible to fix it upon him by positive evidence. But this evening a man named Stephens, recently discharged from Company E, Second Infantry California Volunteers, has reported to Captain Schmidt, the post commander, havingseen a large quantity of soldiers' clothing put into a wagon at Shannahan's shop two days ago to be transported to one Dengan, who lives near the mouth of Eal River, some fifteen miles hence. By my order Captain Schmidt was immediately sent to arrest Shannahan and search his premises. Shannahan is in close confinement in the guard house and will remain so until I receive instructions to send him to San Francisco for trial or otherwise disose of him. The clothing found in his shop is of that class which has no Government earmark about it, and has, therefore, not been as yet seized, although precisely identical with that daily issued to the soldiers. I have also directed Captain Schmidt to send immediately to Dengan's an officer and six men with a horse and cart to search for and recover the clothing just sent there, and all other soldiers' clothing that can be found. I am informed that there will be no lack of positive evidence of Shannahan's guilt, and I earnestly recommend that measures may be taken to bring him to punishment, the good of the service at this post, both present and future, urgently requiring it. Next to the steamer the shortest and most reliable mode of communication between San Francisco and Fort Humboldt, Fort Baker, Camp Curtis, and Fort Gaston, is by mail per Sacramento, Shasta, and Weaverville. This mailta (on this bay) once a week in six days from San Francisco.

I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Colonel Secondinfty. California Vols., Commanding Humboldt Mil. Dist.

P. S. -The other overland mail, per Healdsubrg and Ukiah City, has just arrived, bringing your letter of the 29th of December in relation to the suspension of recruiting. The mail left San Francisco on the 30th. We have had no stemer here since November. The Panama stopped outside on the 29th of December and sent Captain Stewart ashore and the mails and proceeded up the coast, but she has not been seen or heard of since.

PORTLAND, OREG., January 12, 1863.

General ALVORD:

DEAR SIR: Yours of the 10th, with circular of the 7th, is before me. I not only assent to your plan of placing men at once at Vancouver and other posts, but am much pleased with it. As boats will be running to Corvallis for some time, I had throught perhapsmen could come down about as well as go to Fort Hoskins in winter. I never was at Fort Hoskins, however, and your decision in the matter will be satisfactory to me. I have requested Major Winston to muster in D. M. Thompson, John F. Noble, and Mr. Hand, as second lieutenants. Mr. Hand will recruit in Jackson County. He has been one of the publishers of the Sentinel. He is highly recommended by Secretary May