War of the Rebellion: Serial 106 Page 0271 Chapter LXII. CORRESPONDENCE-UNION AND CONFEDERATE.

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arms, ammunition, and subsistence. The arms could be furnished from the 100 Mississippi rifles now somewhere en route for this place. I have further to report that about a month since two horses belonging to Captain Fritz, First Cavalry California Volunteers, with Government saddles and carbines, were stolen from his corral and quarters. It occurred about 9 p. m. In less than half an hour I had Lieutenant Guirado with six men in hot pursuit, with orders to proceed, if necessary, to Guaymas, but to recover the property and to bring back the thieves. Lieutenant Guirado returned on the 21st instant, having recovered the property in Hermosillo, some 350 miles from Tucson, but did not get the thieves in consequence of the obstacles thrown in his way by officials of that country and the smallness of his force. Had I been sufficiently strong in numbers to warrant such action, I should have sent Captain Fritz with thirty or forty men direct to the Governor as bearer of dispatches demanding the surrender of the culprits, and with orders to bring them to Tucson at all hazards. I am convinced that many of the border depredations for which the Apaches get credit are committed by Mexicans, and I am determined to make an example of the first one I catch. I do not with to make a demand for the surrender of a criminal unless I can send force enough to give dignity to the requisition, and unless I have the strength to enforce my demand.

Trusting my actions may meet the approbation of the commanding general, and hoping soon to hear from him on the subject-matter of this letter, I am, colonel, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major Fifty Infantry California Volunteers, Commanding.

Abstract from return of the Department of the Pacific, Brigadier General George Wright, U. S. Army, commanding, for December 31, 1862.

Present for duty

Command Officers Men Aggregate


General headquarters 17 1 18

California* 64 1,172 1,587

District of Oregon (Alvord) 62 1,048 1,403

District of Humboldt (Lippitt) 23 377 617

District of Utah (Connor) 37 792 1,019

District of Southern California 27 522 793


District of Western Arizona 9 226 284


Total 239 4,138 5,721

Pieces of artillery

Command Aggregate Heavy Field

present and


General headquarters 18 . . . . . .

. . .

California* 1,686 167 10

District of Oregon (Alvord) 1,466 . . . 5

. .

District of Humboldt (Lippitt) 644 . . . 2

. .

District of Utah (Connor) 1,060 . . . 6

. .

District of Southern California 867 . . . 5

(Bowie) . .

District of Western Arizona (Coult) 341 . . . . . .

. . . .

Total 6,082 167 28


*Including San Francisco, the Presidio, Fort Point, Alcatraz Island, Benicia Barracks and Arsenal, Fort Crook, Camp Union, and Camp Bakr, Oreg.