War of the Rebellion: Serial 106 Page 0257 Chapter LXII. CORRESPONDENCE-UNION AND CONFEDERATE.

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Overland Mail Company at heart as a desire to speculate upon the necessities of this command by selling to it supplies, of which Judge Carter has large quanities on hand. As an evidence of this fact that gentleman has been the only one of a great many among those interested largely in the overland Mail Company who has desired the establishment of more posts on the line; and I am now satisfied that the rumor started by him previous to my garrisoning Fort Bridger of 100 head of stock being stolen by Indians from the reservation was false, and circulated for the purpose of having troops ordered to that post. I am reliably informed that the so-called President Young is making acrive preparations indicating a determination on his part to oppose the Government of the United States in the spring, provided Utah is not admitted into the Union as a State, or incase of a foreign war or serious reverse to our arms. It is constantly asserted by him and his agents that this command should be moved and scattered along the line of the Overland Mail Company as a "check against Indians," who they say are ready to attack the property at any moment; and many willing converts to this fear are found among Brigham's hosts. But no one having the interest of the Government or the company in view can be found here credulous enough to be blind to the real motives which actuate their desires. Brigham Young is now engaged in munting cannon for the purpose of resisting the Government and has reports circulated, which have reached the ears of those highest in authority, in order to mature his plans, gain time, and prepare his cannon. Desirable as this would be to him I hope to defeat his intentions. From a careful scrutiny of the state of affairs here and a through knowledge of the country, I am satisfied I occupy every necessary position. The entire line from Ruby Valley to Ham's Fork is completely under my control, and while, in my opinion, there exists no necessity for troops at Fort Bridger, to quiet the apprehensions of the Overland Mail Company, if they have any (which I doubt), and to obey the orders of the general commanding, I shall continue to garrison Fort Bridger, and will immediately send a sufficient force to occupy Ham's Fork, although I am of the opinion there is no real necessity for it. My present position was selected for its availablity, and commanding as it does not only all the avenues to but even the town itself, it is an important one, and I am not surprised that Brigham Young considers its occupancy dangerous to his interests. The presence of this command here, which the informants of the General-in-Chief desire so much to have removed, indicates that my information regarding the real intentions of these people is correct, and events will prove that in selecting my position and carrying out my own views the interest of the Government has been anticipated. I am truly glad that the department commander has given me discretionary powers in the premises. I am credibly informed and believe that Mormons have instigated the late attack by Indians on the telegram station at Pacific Springs in order to draw my forces to that point. Mormons also, in the northern part of this valley, encourage depredations by the Humboldt Indians by purchasing of them property of which massacred immigrants have been despolied by giving them in exchange therefor powder, lead, and produce. I have heretofore refrained from submitting a report of these transcactions to the general commanding for the reason that I desired to be previusly well informed.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Colonel Third Infantry California Volunteers, Commanding District.