War of the Rebellion: Serial 106 Page 0236 Chapter LXII. OPERATIONS ON THE PACIFIC COAST.

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Mesilla, Ariz. Ter., to-morrow morning, under command of Captain H. A. Greene, First Infantry California Volunteers.

* * * * * * *


Major Fifth Infantry California Volunteers, Commanding.


Near Visalia, Tulare Country, Cal., December 1, 1862.

Lieutenant Colonel R. C. DRUM,

Assistant Adjutant-General, U. S. Army, San Francisco, Cal.:

COLONEL: I have the honor to make the following report of facts for the consideration of the general commanding: I have been in this place, Tulare County, now nearly two months, and have since my arrival made it my special business to inquire into and examine without prejudice the condition of affairs as between Union men on the one hand and secessionists and sympahthizers with the South on the oher, and I have come to the conclusion, and am fully satisfied after a careful investigation, that there are more secessionists in this and the adjoining counties than there are in proportion to the population in any part of the United States this side of Dixie, or the so-called Confederate Government; and not only that they are in great numbers, but that they are organized and armed, ready at a moment's warning to take up their arms against the Government of the United States. They are, many of them, the bitterest haters of our Government that can be found alive, and do not attempt to conceal their hatred. It is an everyday occurrence for them to ride through the streets of Visalia and hurrah for Jeff. Davis and Stonewall Jackson, and often give groans for the Stars and Stripes, and, in short, they do and say everything in the presence of soldiers to insult them by calling them Lincoln hirelings, and that they wear Abe Lincoln's livery &c., and in one instance have gone so far as to draw a pistol and present it at a soldier, telling hm that he had a good mind to shoot the buttons off of his coat just for fun. One Doctor Russell, one of their leaders, paid his license, and posted the license up in a conspicuous place in his office with the folloing words written upon the bottom of it in his own handwriting, and his name signed to it in full "I pay this license to help murder my people. " The Equal Rights Expositor, a newspaper published in this place, the same that was by order of the general deprived of postal rights, is, and has been since the date of that order, becoming more and more bitter in its abuse of the Government and all in authority, until it goes as far if not further than the vilest sheet published in Richmond. These things being persisted in on the part of the secessionists of this county and vicinity, in my opinion will inevitably bring about civil war in this State. Already there have been several fist fights and knock-downs between the citizens and the soldiers, and on Saturday, November 29, there was quite a serious difficulty occurred in which fire-arms were used and one soldier shot (who died from the effect of his wounds to-day) and two citizens wounded, the citizens, as the proceedings of the coroner's jury show, commencing the shooting. As I have stated above, if these things are persisted in, if the open and avowed secessionists of the county are permitted to come in presence of the soldiers and insult them by all kinds of slurs and insinuations against their Government, and them as men because they wear the uniform of the United States, and hurrah for Jeff. Davis and Stonewall Jackson, and above all if this paper is allowed