War of the Rebellion: Serial 106 Page 0215 Chapter LXII. CORRESPONDENCE - UNION AND CONFEDERATE.

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and herewith inclosed for your information. They relate to the contingency of an advance by the rebels up the Rio Grande during your absence. Acquaint the commanding officer at Hart's Mill with the direction in which you will be found. How you will elude the enemy in case you should be recalled can only be determined by yourself. An official copy of extract of department Special Orders, Numbers 186, directing Colonel Rigg to inspect your command before it takes the field, is herewith transmitted for your information. Your attention is called to that portion of the letter of the general commanding which directs that journals shall be kept and transmitted to department headquarters. On the day of your leaving Franklin you will transmit to me a field return according to district General Orders, Numbers 23. These returns will also be sent durnig your campaign if opportunity offers. Garcia's party is only to be noted in the remarks. The correspondence from department headquarters which has been placed in your hands will convey to you the wishes and designs of the general commanding as to the warfare that you are to conduct against the Indians. I am aware that the fullest confidence is felt in your ability and judgment, and that it is expected that you will teach the Indians a lesson that will be long remembered.

Wishing you the fullest success, I am, captain, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Colonel First Infantry California Volunteers, Commanding.

P. S. - I have mistaken the general's wishes as to Garcia's party. Keep them with you as long as you are out.

[Inclosure Numbers 3.] HEADQUARTERS DISTRICT OF ARIZONA, Mesilla, November 9, 1862.

Captain E. B. WILLIS,

First Infantry California Volunteers, Commanding, Hart's Mill:

An expedition composed of Company D, First Cavalry California Volunteers, and Company E, First Infantry California Volunteers, under Captain Pishon, is ordered by the general commanding to start from Franklin, Tex., on the 15th instant, against the Mescalero Apaches beyond the Hueco Tanks. Company H, First Infantry California Volunteers, is sent by me as auxiliary to the above expedition. Twenty-one men of this company will remain in the field. Captain Hammond with the remainder will return to your post with Allen's train. Future instructions will be sent to you how to dispose of those upon their return. Special Orders, Numbers 73, from these headquarters, are herewith inclosed for your guidance. Captain Pishon has been ordered to leave five men at San Elizario, with instructions to scout down the Rio Grande to prevent your being surprised. You should hear from that picket occasionally. When left with only your own company at Hart's Mill and Franklin, keep a watch over the movements of the gang of secessionists in El Paso that they work you no damage. I shall leave Captain Hammond's command with you if it meets the approval of the general commanding. It is desired that Captain Pishon's object be kept secret as long as possible. To that end you will keep this letter and inclosure in your own possession until no longer necessary. By direction of the general commanding, Colonel Rigg is sent to Franklin to inspect the troops ordered into the field.

I am, captain, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Colonel First Infantry California Volunteers, Commanding.