War of the Rebellion: Serial 106 Page 0214 Chapter LXII. OPERATIONS ON THE PACIFIC COAST.

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[Inclosure Numbers 2.] HEADQUARTERS DISTRICT OF ARIZONA, Mesilla, November 9, 1862.

Captain N. J. PISHON,

First Cavalry California Volunteers, San Elizario, Tex.:

You are intrusted with the command of an expedition composed of your own and Company E, First Infantry California Volunteers, attended by a party of twenty Mexican mounted men under Gregorio Garcia, who are ordered to report to you. This expedition is sent out under the direction of the general commanding the department, with orders to start from Franklin, Tex., on the 15th instant. It was the general's design that Captain Roberts, First Infantry California Volunteers, should command, but subsequent orders devolve that duty upon you, and all the original papers sent from department headquarters to Captain Roberst have been delivered into your hands. These comprise a map of the country in which you are to operate, a copy of the general's letter to Colonel Christopher Carson, who has been sent with a force to Fort Stanton, and a copy of a letter to myself, dated headquarters Department of New Mexico, October 11, 1862. * These will convey to you the general's wishes as to the duties you are to perform, and they are so marked and worded as to make any elaboration on my part unnecessary. For the purpose of guarding the depot which you are ordered to establish, "if practicable at a point beyond the Hueco Tanks that can be reached by wagons," and for the purpose of guarding your train on its return to Franklin after depositing your supplies for the campaign, I have deemed it advisable, owing to the limited numbers of which your two companies are composed, to send with [you] Company H, First Infantry California Volunteers, under Captain Hammond. This company will go with you to the depot that you establish. You will detach from it one sergeant, two corporals, and eighteen privates to remain with and guard your supplies. The importance of this duty will not escape your observation, and every precaution must be taken that it shall be faithfully and eted. This detachment forms part of the command under your orders. To conduct your operations against the Indians beyond your depot you can take such number of mules, not exceeding forty, from Allen's train of twenty wagons that is sent with you as may be in your judgment necessary for transporting supplies. Thirty pack-saddles have been provided you. An ambulance is sent to bring wounded men into the posts. This will remain at the depot. Doctor Kittridge is supplied with horse and hand litters for service beyond your depot. As son as you establish the depot, order Captain Hammond to return with the train and the remainder of his company to Franklin and report to the commander of that post. The general commanding writes to me under date of October 17, as follows:

The officer and twenty men named as a scout beyond the Hueco Tanks will not need to be kept upon that duty during the time Captain Roberts' expedition is in the field.

This implies that you will dispense with Garcia's party at some time before returning with the main body of your command. The determination of that period must be left to your judgment. On the 19th ultimo the general also writes to me, "After the campaign is over which is to made by Captain Pishon, direct him to march all his force, but the spies and guides, to report to you at Mesilla," You will be governed accordingly. Special Orders, Numbers 73, from these headquarters,


* See Vol. XV, pp. 579, 580.