War of the Rebellion: Serial 106 Page 0213 Chapter LXII. CORRESPONDENCE - UNION AND CONFEDERATE.

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and canteens, and provided with necessary clothing for their comfort and service; that they have 100 rounds ammunition per man and a small surplus for accidents; that the twenty Mexican spies and guides are complete in their organization and comprise not less than five men accustomed to packing mules; that they have blankets and comfortable clothing; that their horses are shod, on the forefeet at least; that each man has a rifle and 100 rounds of ammunition. You will see that the foregoing force has rations from the 15th of October to the 31st of December next; that all the salt meat in the hands of acting commissary of subsistence at Franklin is taken by the expedition, and that any deficiency be supplied in fresh beef; that both companies and the detachment draw rations for the full term before leaving, and that these be separed in the train, so as to prevent their being improperly appropriated. If jerked beef can be procured in El Paso at a proper cost you can substitute it for fresh beef if desired. If onions or other fresh vegetables can be procured, see that the regular allowance is taken by the troops. Acting Assistant Surgeon Kittridge is ordered to accompany this force. See that his medical supplies are ample; that two hand litters and one horse litter are taken by him. See that each company has the requisite supply of axes, spades, and picks; that one paulin, five common tents (bell pattern) complete, thirty pack-saddles and saddle blankets be taken by the acting assistant quartermaster of the force. A train of twenty wagons and one ambulance, under Assistant Wagonmaster Allen, are ordered to accompany Captain PisHonorable Inspect this train thoroughly; see that all the animals are well shod; that extra shoes and nails are provided; that a suitable number of herders accompany the train, and that some are disignated to remain with the mules that Captain Pishon will take for packing. As the orders from the general commanding direct that a depot for this expedition shall be established and well guarded farther out than the Hueco Tanks if practicable, and that can be reached by wagons, I have deemed it advisable, owing to the reduced numbers of the companies above named, to send Captain Hammond, with Company H, First Infantry California Volunteers, for the purpose of detaching a guard of twenty-one men for that depot and to escort the train back to Franklin. You will accordingly inspect that company with reference to such duty. See that the guard to be detached has rations to the 31st of December and 100 rounds of ammunition per man; that it is composed of one sergeant and two corporals (selected for their prudence and reliability) and eighteen privates, picked men; that the remainder of Captain Hammond's company has twenty days' rations from the 15th instant and thirty rounds of ammunition per man. See that all surplus transportation is filled with grain forage packed in the bags which have been provided, and that no officer or man composing the expedition carries the least article that is not indispensably necessary. It will be well that you make inquiries as early as possible on reaching Franklin with the view of ascertaining whether any article named above, or any others whch reflection may suggest, are deficient. If so, let me know by express what is wanting, and I will endeavor to supply it. Report to me in writing when these duties are completed. I particularly wish to know how much forage is taken, and you will embrace in your report to me all points that are necessary to convey to the general commanding the department a proper idea of the efficiency of the force which you are ordered to inspect.

I am, colonel, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Colonel First Infantry California Volunteers, Commanding.