War of the Rebellion: Serial 106 Page 0212 Chapter LXII. OPERATIONS ON THE PACIFIC COAST.

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Nos. 71, 72, and 73, from these headquarters, all relating to the expedition ordered by the general commanding to leave Franklin, Tex., on the 15th instant on a campaign against the Mescalero Apaches. * The repetition of the order that CAptain Roberts' company should constitute the infantry arm of Captain Pishon's expedition was received subsequent to the issue of my Special Orders, Numbers 71, by which the company was detailed for the duty required. I have endeavored to fully meet the wishes and comply with the orders of the general commanding in the directions given this expedition. Company H, First Infantry California Volunteers, has been sent as auxiliary for the reasons that the inclosed correspondence explains. As the gang of secessionists in El Paso are making some threats against Captain Willis' stores at Franklin, I would respectfully ask permission to keep the remainder of Captain Hammond's company at that post until such precaution is deemed no longer necessary. I was ordered to send out all of Captain Pishon's company north of Fort Quitman. Circumstances which are deemed justifiable have induced me to keep five men of that company on picket at San Elizario. These were, that no spy that I could trust could be engaged for that duty. Captain McCleave's expedition will be dispatched at the appointed time. With this also an auxiliary company will be sent unless orders to the contrary should be received in the meantime. When I call the attention of the general commanding to the fact that neither McCleave's nor Pishon's expedition will likely number over 100 men in two companies, I trust that the sending of an auxiliary force to guard their depots and their trains returning will meet with his approbation. They have been so sent solely because I believe that the fighting force falls within his expectations. Without the auxiliary companies each field force would have been further reduced by thirty men at least.

I a respectfully, your obedient servant,


Colonel First Infantry California Volunteers, Commanding.

[Inclosure Numbers 1.] HEADQUARTERS DISTRICT OF ARIZONA, Mesilla, November 9, 1862.

Lieutenant Colonel EDWIN A. RIGG,

First Infantry California Volunteers, Franklin, Tex.:

Referring you to Special Orders, Numbers 186, current series, from headquarters Department of New Mexico, you will inspect Captain N. J. Pishon's company (D), First Cavalry California Volunteers; Company E, First Infantry California Volunteers, and twenty New Mexican spies and guides, under Gregorio Garcia, constituting a force ordered by the general commanding the department to operate against the Mescalero Apaches beyond the Hueco Tanks. The campaign is ordered for the period of six weeks, and the nature of the service and its duration will govern you in your inspection in the following particulars: See that the horses of Captain Pishon's company are well shod; that enough extra shoes, set, and nails go with them; that their saddle blankets are good; that hobbles and picket ropes are provided, and that all the horse equiPAGEis as complete as it can be made from the supplies at hand; that all the men's arms are in good order; that 100 rounds carbine and fifty rounds pistol ammunition per man are provided, with a small surplus for accidents; that their train be filled with all the forage it can contain, in addition to the other supplies of the expedition; that Company E, First Infantry California Volunteers, is equpped with knapsacks, haversacks,


* Special Orders, Nos. 71 and 72, omitted as unimportant.