War of the Rebellion: Serial 106 Page 0172 OPERATIONS ON THE PACIFIC COAST. Chapter LXII.

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Lieutenant Burkett, Fifth Infantry California Volunteers, with a detachment of ten men to the Pima Villages, to disburse the Indian goods which have arrived there in payment of the Government indebtedness in the hands of Indians. This reduces my force for duty in town to about 100 men, which I consider inadequate to properly carry out the requirements of the order above mentioned. There seems to be some misunderstanding as to whether Company G, First Infantry, is or is not to be ordered on. Major Fergusson received orders from General Carleton to send on 200 mules and some broken-down wagons under escort of Captain Greene's company. As there was a much smaller number than that--in fact, but those now in charge of Captain Davis--Major Fergusson did not send Greene's company on, and I cannot now spare it without weakening my force very greatly. The send on that company will, in fact, leave me but twenty or thirty men here. I will, therefore, retain it until I can hear further from the colonel commanding the district. I desire again to urge the propriety of ordering Hinds back to this place for the winter, or that proper arrangements be made for winter quarters for his men at that post. He is not within my district, but having been there so long I fully appreciate the necessity of prompt action in this matter. Before I left I found a fire very comfortable at night and in the morning, and Captain Fritz informs me that it is really very cold now. If the supplies for the troops in the advance are drawn from New Mexico, I cannot see the necessity of maintaining more than a vedette post at that station. If Captain Greene is ordered forward it would certainly be very injudicious to have the depot of suppleis here guarded with the few troops which would be left unless Hinds is sent back. Captain Fritz informs me that he has no orders directing his movements, and none have been sent to me, but as Wellman is ordered to escort the train back I presume Fritz will be left here for some time. I have also to report that Major D. Fergusson, First Cavalry California Volunteers, started for the port of Libertad on the 10th with an escort of eighteen men of Company E, First Cavalry California Volunteers, commanded by Lieutenant C. P. Nichols. I have also to report that Captain S. P. Ford, Fifth Infantry California Volunteers, tendered to me his resignation, which I sent to department headquarters direct on the 1st instant, with an indorsement strongly recommending its acceptance. I did not send it through the proper channels on account of the uncertainty of the communication, and because I deemed it would advance the public interests to have a speedy reply from the executive authority. I trust my action will meet the apprnel commanding the district. I have appointed Lieutenant W. B. Smith, First Infantry California Volunteers, to take the census of this district. In consequence of the scattered positions of the inhabited parts of the district, it will necessarily take some time before a report can be made on the subject.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major Fifth Infantry California Volunteers, Commanding.


Fort Vancouver, Wash. Ter., October 14, 1862.


Headquarters Department of the Pacific, San Francisco, Cal.:

SIR: I am satisfied that a post ought to be established at or in the vicinity of Fort Boise next summer, and it is the object of this communication to recommend that authority be obtained from the War