War of the Rebellion: Serial 106 Page 0157 Chapter LXII. CORRESPONDENCE--UNION AND CONFEDERATE.

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informs me that the train of twenty wagons that accompanied him to Fort Craig were being loaded with subsistence stores to return to this post. He had written instructions to send them to Peralta to report to Captain Enos, assistant quartermaster. These may have been countermanded by higher authority. The inclosed order* also refers to movements of troops within the district, which are deemed judicious in consequence of the reduction of my force. After Captain Pishon's return Lieutenant Wardwell with twenty-one men of Company E, First Cavalry California Volunteers, will form the extreme outpost at San Elizario. Captain Willis, with Company A, First Infantry California Volunteers, will guard Franklin and Hart's Mill, and will, in my opinion, be sufficient for that purpose. Companies A and D, First Cavalry California Volunteers, will be located at Camp Johnson, five miles below La Mesa. The garrison at Mesilla will consist of Companies B, C, D, E, H, and K, First Infantry California Volunteers. Fort Fillmore will continue to be occupied by Company A, Fifth Infantry California Volunteers, until further orders. The withdrawal of the artillery from the district greatly weakens my strength. I trust the deficiency will soon be supplied by the battery which the general commanding designs sending from above. I propose to put it in charge of Lieutenant Thompson and Company E, First Infantry California Volunteers. I know of none better for the purpose. I was on the point of sending Captain Shirland with twenty men to the Pinos Altos Mines. Active operations are going on there; the Indians are troublesome, and disorder prevails among the Mexicans and Americans. Should the general commanding agree with me that one company of infantry and one of cavalry are sufficient for the garrison at Tucson, I will order Captain Whitlock with Company F, Fifth Infantry California Volunteers, to take station either at Fort McLane or at the mines. This company is now at Tucson. If moved as indicated it can be used in case the Texans advance.

I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Colonel First Infantry California Volunteers, Commanding.


Mesilla, October 8, 1862.


First Cavalry California Volunteers, Commanding Camp Johnson:

The inclosed order+ relates to the movement of Company C, First Cavalry California Volunteers, and Company A, Third Artillery, to Fort Craig. Make up a train of twenty wagons and one water-tank to accompany them, and as soon as you have six days' full grain forage in camp, at twelve pounds for horses and nine pounds for mules, let them take up their line of march, crossing the river below and camping the first night in the vicinity of Fort Fillmore. Send a detachment with two, or as many wagons as may be necessary to carry ten days' rations for both companies, by way of this post, leaving your camp when they do, with the requisite provision returns half a day in advance. The remainder of the trail will carry company property (except the tents, which will be sent here by the provision wagons and turned in), all the ammunition belonging to the artillery, the six days' grain forage, and as much corn fodder as may be necessary for six days, at fourteen


*See Special Orders, Numbers 55, October 7, p. 155.

+See p. 155.