War of the Rebellion: Serial 106 Page 0144 Chapter LXII. OPERATIONS ON THE PACIFIC COAST.

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was not sold by the Government at the time of the sale of the other property. Inclosed I have the honor to transmit a communication from Captain Rowe, and charges against Private Cox, of Company M, Second Cavalry. I have now in confinement three general prisoners, and would respectfully ask that a general court-martial be convened at as early a day as practicable. A reply to the application of Captain Rowe by telegraph is respectfully requested.


Colonel Third Infantry California Volunteers, Commanding District.

[Inclosure. *] HEADQUARTERS DISTRICT OF UTAH, Fort Ruby, September 29, 1862.


Second Cavalry California Volunteers, Fort Ruby:

MAJOR: You will proceed hence to-morrow morning with Company H, of your regiment, to the confluence of the South Fork with the main Humboldt River, and there await until joined by Captain Smith's company (K), of your regiment. On the route thence you will examine every valley or place where you have reason to believe guerrillas or hostile Indians are congregated, whom you will capture; but if they resist you will destroy them. In no instance will you molest women or children. If on the routhe to Humboldt friendly Indians deliver to you Indians who were concerned in the late murder of emigrants, you will (being satisfied of their guilt) immediately hang them, and leave their bodies thus exposed as an example of what evil-doers may expect while I command in this district. When you are joined by Captain Smith's company you will proceed by the northern overland route via City of Rocks to a point about ten miles north of Salt Lake City, where you will leave your command and report to me in person if I am in the vicinity of the city. If not, await further orders at the point designated. On the route from South Fork of Humboldt to Bear River you will spare no pains to discover the whereabouts of a band of traitors or guerrillas reported to be encamped in the vicinity of Humboldt, and who are believed to be the instigators, if not the participants, in the late Indian murdes. If you should discover such a band you will take them prisoners and convery them to headquarters near Salt Lake, but if they should resist you will destroy them without mercy. You will also destroy every male Indian whom you may encounter in the vicinity of the late massacres. This course may seem harsh and severe, but I desire that the order may be rigidly enforced, as I am satisfied that in the end it will prove the most merciful.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Colonel Third Infantry California Volunteers, Commanding District.


October 2, 1862.

Brigadier General G. WRIGHT, U. S. Volunteers,

San Francisco, Cal.:

Assignments to brevet rank as in case of Major Lugunbeel are not now sanctioned. Your action in case of Mullan's escort is approved.




* The other inclosures are omitted as unimportant.