War of the Rebellion: Serial 106 Page 0099 Chapter LXII. CORRESPONDENCE-UNION AND CONFEDERATE.

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SEPTEMBER 7, 1862.

Mr. Hale called on me to-day and promises to write to-day to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, recalling all their complaints. He will say that he is perfectly satisfied with the instructions heretofore issued to Major Rinearson, commanding the troops at Camp Lapwai, near Lewiston, Wash. Ter.


Brigadier-General, Commanding District.




Olympia, Wash. Ter., June 25, 1862.

Information has been received at this office of the freuqent and growing violation of the various provisions of the act of Congress regulating trade and intercourse with the Indian tribes. The undersigned is unwilling to believe that such violations arise from willfulness on the part of the numerous traders now operating in sections of the Territory hitherto and yet occupied by Indians, and in some instances upon the very land reserved to the Indians by treaty stipulation. He rather believes that oir the recent great influx of population very many are ignorant that such laws or ein force. Notice is hereby give that selling, disposing, bartering, or giving liquor to Indians in this Territory, introudicng or attempting to introduce the same into the Indian country, is a grave offense, punishable by fine and imprisonment by the laws of the United States; that within any Indian reservation the sale of any article of traffic or merchandise, without first having obtained a license from the Indian Department, is also an offense of a high order; and that all such liquors and goods are by the law subject to be seized and forfeited. Agents have been instructed to renewed vigilance in securing the faithful and vigorous execution of the laws above referred to within their respective agencis, and in bringing to punishment their violators. In the event of their inability to stay the sale, manufacture, or introudction of ardent spirits, malt or intoxicating liquors, or the unlicensed trade upon or within any reserve, they are enjoined to call upon the U. S. troops within their reach to assist them in carrying out said instructions.


Superitendent of Indian Affairs, Territory of Washington.

SACRAMENTO, CAL., September 4, 1862.

(Received 8 p. m. 8th.)


Our general election was held yesterday. The result is a triumphant and overwhelmavor of the Union and the National Administration.


SAN FRANCISCO, CAL., September 4, 1862.

General G. WRIGHT, U. S. Army:

SIR: Allow me to submit to your attention the inclosed documents.

Your most obedient servant,