War of the Rebellion: Serial 106 Page 0034 OPERATIONS ON THE PACIFIC COAST. Chapter LXII.

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Tucson, Ariz. Ter., July 22, 1862.

CAPTAIN: A train of five wagons will be sent to-morrow to arrive at Tubac to move Companies A and E, First Cavalry California Volunteers, to El Reventon. On arriving there Company E, First Cavalry California Volunteers, will garrison that place until further orders. Lieutenant C. P. Nichols has already received instructions in regard to this. In compliance with General Orders, Numbers 10, from headquarters Column from California, dated 17th instant, you will, after having posted Company E at El Reventon, move with your company and company property to this place, so as to arrive here on or before the 29th instant, using for your transportation the five wagons sent out and leaving one wagon for a post team at El Reventon. Bring from Tubac subsistence for your company up to the 31st instant.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Major, First Cavalry California Volunteers, Commanding.


Fort Bragg, July 22, 1862.


Commanding District of Humboldt, Fort Humboldt, Cal.:

SIR: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt by express of your communications of the 16th instant. I am exceedingly obliged to the commanding colonel for the information given in regard to being relieved from this post. I very much desire a change of post. My men have been stationed here nearly nine months and have not received a dollar's pay nor seen one day's service except garrison duty. The colonel will very readily conclude that it requires considerable exertion on the part of the officers to keep the command in proper discipline under such disagreeable circumstances, yet the conduct of the men has been excellent. They have given good attention to cleanliness, drill, and discipline, far better than could have been expected while subjected to such monotonous duties. But four desertions have occurred, and they were bad and almost worthless men. My command is very proficient in company, skirmish, and bayonet drill. They execute the skirmish by bugle calls very correctly, and in the care andarms and accounterments I do not think they are excelled by any company in the service. I have put everything in condition as far as possible to turn over the command and property without delay. Invoices and receipts of property have been made, and only require dates and signatures to complete the business. I sincerely hope the company to relieve us will come at an early day. The descriptive list required in your circular of the 15th instant will be forwarded at an early day. In regard to the reservation, &c., I respectfully submit the following:

First. The Mendocino Indian Reservation comprises four distinct farms or stations:

First. Headquarters (so called), one-half mile

south from this post; number of Indians.........200

Second. Cullabool farm, two miles south of

post; number of Indians.........................150

Third. Bald Hill Station, two miles northeast

of post; number of Indians.......................100

Fourth. Whipple's, or Ten-Mile River Station,

ten miles of post; number of Indians............550


Total Indians upon the reservation.............1,000