War of the Rebellion: Serial 104 Page 1303 ORGANIZATIONS MENTIONED.

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Weiler's (John J.) Infantry. See Indiana Troops, 17th Regiment.

Well's (Oliver) Cavalry. See Missouri Troops, Union, 12th Regiment.

West's (George R.) Infantry. See Iowa Troops, 37th Regiment.

Wheelock's (Carlton B.) Infantry. See Wisconsin Troops, 12th Regiment.

Whicker's (James S.) Artillery. See Indiana Troops, 2nd Battery.

White's (Lyman A.) Artillery. See Illinois Troops, 1st Regiment, Battery B.

Whitney's (William C.) Infantry. See Tennessee Troops, Union, 4th Regiment, Enrolled Militia.

Wilbur's (Almerick W.) Artillery. See Michigan Troops, 1st Regiment, Battery A.

Wilcox's (Edward P.) Artillery. See Illinois Troops, 1st Regiment, Battery A.

Wilder Artillery. See Indiana Troops.

Wiles' (Greenberry F.) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 78th Regiment.

Wiley's (Edmund R.) Infantry. See Union Troops, Colored, 88th Regiment.

Wiley's (Owen) Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 123rd Regiment.

Wilhelm's (George) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 186th Regiment.

Wilkin's (Eli) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 31st Regiment.

Wilkins' (John D.) Infantry. See Union Troops, Regulars, 15th Regiment, 3rd Battalion.

Wilkinson's (John) Cavalry. See Mississippi Troops, Confederate, 24th Battalion.

Wilkinson's (William) Infantry. See Michigan Troops, 9th Regiment.

Williams' (James M.) Infantry. See Alabama Troops, Confederate, 21st Regiment.

Williams' (William D.) Infantry. See Illinois Troops, Confederate, 21st Regiment.

Willsie's (Horace H.) Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 148th Regiment.

Wilson's (Andrew N.) Cavalry. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate.

Wilson's (George M.) Artillery. See Michigan Troops, 1st Regiment, Battery E.

Wilson's (Harrison) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 20th Regiment.

Wilson's (James H.) Infantry. See Kentucky Troops, Union, 24th Regiment.

Winston's Scouts. (Official designation not of record) See Captain Winston.

Winston's (William C.) Artillery. See Tennessee Troops, Confederate.

Wisdom's (Dew M.) Cavalry. See John F. Newsom's Cavalry, ante.

Witt's (Nathaniel) Infantry. See Tennessee Troops, 64th Regiment.

Wolff's (Samuel M.) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 64th Regiment.

Wolfley's (Lewis) Infantry. * See Illinois Troops, 83rd Regiment.

Wood's (Charles H.) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 51st Regiment.

Wood's (McLain F.) Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 154th Regiment.

Wood's (Robert C., jr.) Cavalry. See Wirt Adams' Cavalry, ante.

Woodall's (French B.) Infantry. See Illinois Troops, 151st Regiment.

Woodman's (Emphraim W.) Cavalry. See Maine Troops, 2nd Regiment.

Wormer's (Grover S.) Infantry. See Michigan troops, 30th Regimeent.

Wright's (James S.) Infantry. See Indiana Troops, 25th Regiment.

Yeoman's (Samuel N.) Infantry. See Ohio Troops, 90th Regiment.

Yoder's (Noah W.) Infantry. See Union Troops, Veteran Reserve Corps, 2nd Battalion, 141st Company.

York's (Harrison B.) Artillery. See Ohio Troops, 9th Battery.

Young's (J. Morris.) Cavalry. See Iowa Troops, 5th Regiment.

Ziegler's (Jacob) Artillery. See Pennsylvania Troops, Battery B.


*Temporarily commanding.