War of the Rebellion: Serial 104 Page 1120 KY.,S. W. VA.,TENN.,N. & C. GA.,MISS.,ALA., & W. FLA.

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Blakely, March 16, 1865.

Captain . J. V. TUTT,

Commanding at Greenswood:

CAPTAIN: Your communication inclosing the report of Mr. Davenport has just been received. Lieutenant Sibley will start to-morrow on a scout. The general commanding directs that you furnish him thirty or forty men to carry out instructions given him. Keep a close watch upon the enemy's movements. Should he attempt to move in this direction, retard his progress in every possible manner. The position at Muney's Ferry is and admirable one, at which you can engage the enemy with all the advantages upon your side.

Very respectfully, captain, your obedient servant,


Acting Assistant Adjutant-General.

JACKSON, MISS., March 16, 1865.

Brigadier General J. R. CHALMERS:

Powers' regiment has been ordered to remain below, and General Adams goes to Macon. General Adams says he cannot inspect the companies and consolidate until the regiment reports to him. In the meantime I am our of my command. Cannot your order me, or direct General Adams can investigate? It may be some time before the regiment comes up, and I wish to be with the command. General Adams would have done this, but did not feel authorized under your instructions. Please answer myself or direct General Adams.


Columbus, Miss., March 16, 1865.

* * * *

VIII. The following-named officers are hereby assigned to duty under the recent act of Congress providing for the consolidation of regiments, &c., with the cavalry regiment formed by the consolidation of the Eighteenth Battalion Mississippi Cavalry with three companies (E, H, and K) of the Fifth Regiment Mississippi Cavalry and Captain B. F. Saunders' independent company, and will take rank as designated pending the action of the War Department. There being no field officer of the Fifth Mississippi Cavalry present and able for duty, and only two companies of that regiment having thirty-two men present, the companies composing that regiment, and not included in this order, have been consolidated with other companies and regiments from the same State: Lieutenant Colonel A. H. Chalmers, Eighteenth Mississippi Battalion, to be colonel; Captain J. Waverly Smith, Company D, [Eighteenth] Mississippi Battalion, to be lieutenant-colonel; Captain W. J. Floyd, Company H, [Eighteenth] Mississippi Battalion, to be major. Company A (formed of Companies A and I, Eighteenth Mississippi Battalion, consolidated), Captain A. T. Wimberly, Company I, to be captain; First Lieutenant Hugh A. Reynolds, Company A, to be first lieutenant; Second Lieutenant Fred. Chick, Company A, to be second lieutenant. Company