War of the Rebellion: Serial 104 Page 1077 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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in our country, from whence treason will be plotted and conspiracies hatched, to be put in operation when opportunity offers, and to be aided by the same force, impelled by the same motives which led to the ruin of Mexico? It is possible that the failure of that part of the conspiracy which aimed at the existence of our Government, and which we all know to have been aided by the moral influence and material aid of the aristocratic Governments of France and England, may of itself defeat the other part of the scheme against our sister republic of Mexico, and that Bonaparte may have the good sense to withdraw his troops from that country, knowing that if he does not withdraw them they will be driven out by that power which cannot submit to have its institutions threatened by the encroachments of inimical systems on this continent, and to which the invasion of Mexico was not only a threat but an insult, because we had publicly espoused the doctrine that no monarchical governments should intrude upon this continent, thus taking under our protection the feebler republics of this hemisphere. To attack Mexico whilst under our avowed protection, so far as to shield her from the establishment of monarchy, was to attack an ally, and indeed to attack us. It was done at a time when a conspiracy, hatched into life and nurtured into strength by the same malign influence, required all our power for its suppression, and disabled us from making good the Monroe Doctrine which we had adopted and which our interests and honor were engaged to maintain. The time has come when our power to maintain that principle coincides with our interests and our honor. It will be maintained. The whole conspiracy in all its parts must be frustrated. It will be fortunate for us and the whole civilized world if our diplomacy, invigorated by our restored power, shall be able to re-establish the principle so necessary to our safety and security. If that object can be obtained by pacific means then soldierly is at an end, and your sole business hereafter will be to develop, enrich, and improve our great country. To that end our soldiers should be provided with homesteads, and in no part of the country would they fare better or would they be more useful than in the South, which they have redeemed. But if the folly and wickedness which first inspired the attempt to overthrow our great republic and the republican system in this continent should still prevail, and European despots continue to threaten us by a flanking movement on Mexico, you will be called on to complete your work.




HDQRS. DISTRICT OF MIDDLE TENNESSEE, No. 161. Murfreesborough, Tenn., July 11, 1865.

I. Subject to the approval of the department commander, the headquarters of the First Sub-District Middle Tennessee are hereby removed from Tullahoma, Tenn., to Murfreesborough, Tenn. Brigadier General H. P. Van Cleve will assume command of the First Sub-District, and, in connection therewith, of the post of Murfreesborough.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

By command of Brevet Major-General Johnson:


Major and Acting Assistant Adjutant-General.