War of the Rebellion: Serial 104 Page 1074 KY.,S.W.VA.,TENN., N. & C.GA.,MISS.,ALA., & W.FLA.

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State election. The general directs me to inform you that in addition to this he desires you to give the necessary orders for the muster out of the men of these commands, eligible to be mustered out under recent War Department orders, and on completion of the same for you to reorganize the remaining men of these commands into one regiment, to be known as the Sixth Kentucky Cavalry, the muster out and reorganization to be made under the direction of Lieutenant-Colonel Flint, chief commissary of musters, Department of Kentucky. Orders for the muster out and reorganization of these commands were issued from these headquarters, but they have been suspended, and the commands ordered to report to you for this purpose.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Assistant Adjutant-General.

LANCASTER, OHIO, July 9, 1865.

Major General E. O. C. ORD,

Commanding Department of the Ohio, Detroit, Mich.:

DEAR GENERAL: I received and answered your telegraphic dispatch, and am now for the first time in possession of the official copy of so much of General Orders, No. 118, as interest me. I need not tell you I am glad you have fallen to my share and I hope the feeling is reciprocal. I hardly yet comprehend how much command I will have to exercise in time of peace. In war I did not interfere in the least with department commanders, save the call for the troops needed for joint operations. I somewhat fear that confusion may and will result from the habit of the War Department giving orders direct. I propose to go to Saint Louis next Wednesday or Thursday and will merely call for reports, so that I may know what I have, and then I propose to let things subside to a chronic state of peace, unless events arise which I do not now foresee. Please write me fully and frankly at all times and I do feel assured that our relations will always be most agreeable.

With respect, &c.,




Tallahassee, July 9, 1865.

Second Lieutenant O. G. CHAPMAN,

Commanding Company A, Second Florida Cavalry, Tallahassee:

SIR: You will proceed at 8 o'clock to-morrow morning with your company by rail to Station 2, Florida, Atlantic and Gulf Central Railroad. On your arrival you will either camp in a suitable place, or if a building can be had without expense ot the Government, you will go into barracks. You must understand that the State is now on a peace footing and no foraging depredations or marauding will be allowed. Your particular attention is called to General Orders, Nos.5 and 9, from these headquarters. You will not allow your men to roam around the country, but will keep them at the post. In all difficulties which may arise between planters and their colored employes you will be governed in your decision by General Orders, No. 9, current series, headquarters District of Florida. The planters must treat their laborers mercifully, and the laborers must be made to understand that the Government will