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HDQRS. DEPT. OF THE CUMBERLAND, Numbers 41. Nashville, Tenn., June 19, 1865.

At a meeting of the officers and enlisted men of the Army of the Cumberland serving in this vicinity, held at the headquarters of the artillery command of the Fourth Army Corps on Saturday, June 10, instant, for the purpose of considering the propriety of adopting a badge to signalize and perpetuate the history of the Army of the Cumberland, it was unanimously agreed to adopt such a badge, and the following officers were appointed a committee to report a design for the same: Bvt. Brigadier General J. L. Donaldson, chief quartermaster, Department of the Cumberland; Bvt. Brigadier General E. Opdycke, commanding brigade, Fourth Corps; Bvt. Colonel W. H. Greenwood, assistant inspector-general, Fourth Corps; Bvt. Colonel W. L. Foulk, Forty-sixth Pennsylvania Volunteers Infantry; Captain R. H. Litson, Twenty-second Indiana Volunteer Infantry.

On motion, the following preamble and resolutions were then adopted:

Whereas, many of the soldiers of the Army of the Cumberland are about to abandon the profession of arms and again mingle in the peaceful pursuits of home,

Resolved, That in parting with each other we do so with mingled feeling of sorrow, sadness, and pride - sorrow, because friends, bound together by ties formed on many battle-fields, must part; sadness at turning our backs upon the thousand fresh made graves of our brave comrades; and pride, because it has been our god fortune to be numbered among the members of the Army of the Cumberland, and have each done his part in proving to the world that republics have the ability to maintain and perpetuate themselves.

Resolved, That in parting we do as we have many times done in the face of the enemy, renew our pledges of unending fidelity to each other; and that in whatever position of life we may happen to be we will never permit our affections to be estranged rom those who continue to fight our battles, but that we will sustain and defend them at all times and in all proper places.

Resolved, That the following-named persons, and none others, are authorized to wear the badge of the Army of the Cumberland:

I. All soldiers of that army now in service, and in good standing.

II. All soldiers who formerly belonged to that army, and have received honorable discharges from the same.

Resolved, That any soldier of the Army of the Cumberland who is now entitled to wear the badge of the army, who may hereafter be dishonorably dismissed the service shall, by such discharge, forfeit the right to wear said badge.

Resolved, That we exhort all members of the Army of the Cumberland to discountenance any attempt on the part of any unauthorized persons to arrogate to themselves honor to which they are not entitled by wearing our badge.

The badge committee then invited all to send in designs, and announced that the committee would be open to receive them until 9 a. m., Wednesday, June 14.

The badge described in the accompanying specifications and braving having, since that date, been selected by the committee, the dame is adopted and is hereby announced as the badge of the Army of the Cumberland.

By command of Major-General Thomas:


Brigadier-General and Assistant Adjutant-General.