War of the Rebellion: Serial 104 Page 0762 KY., S. W. VA., TENN., N. & C. GA., MISS., ALA., & W. FLA.

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treated as any other criminal. Call on the naval commander at Savannah for convoy if you need it, and upon all military commanders for force. Report your arrival from point to point.


Secretary of War.


Macon, Ga., May 14, 1865-7 a. m. (Received 4 p. m. 15th.)

Bvt. Major General J. A. RAWLINS,

Chief of Staff, Washington, D. C.:

The question of forage is becoming a very serious one for my command, and, unless vigorous measures are adopted at once to supply us from the North, we shall suffer greatly. I have 20,000 horses and mules; can get corn on the line of the railroad for ten or fifteen days yet, but the people have not the means of hauling it to the railroads from a distance at this time of year. My quartermasters are also embarrassed for the want of money. The Savannah River has now only three feet and a half of water and falling. The Ocmulgee is no better. There are only two boats on the former stream that can ascend to Augusta. General Thomas advises grazing, but I have no idea that this can be done anywhere in Georgia with so large a command. The Chattanooga and Atlanta Railroad should be rebuilt at once. I can put 3,000 men to work from this end. The work would also be very beneficial in restoring the good feeling and preventing suffering among the people. I am collecting everything of value at this place, and as Mr. Davis is captured, can move toward the north quite soon, if so directed. A careful and discreet officer with complete instructions from the President in regard to the administration of civil affairs should be sent here at once. General Steedman, now at Kingston, would be available. He should have a sufficient guard of infantry to protect the public property. If I am to remain here much longer, I should be furnished with orders in regard to policy as soon as possible.


Brevet Major-General.

NASHVILLE, TENN., May 14, 1865-12 m.

Brevet Major-General WILSON,

Macon, Ga.:

Your telegram of the 11th acknowledging receipt of mine of the 7th and 9th just received. If you can get the steamers you speak of do so, to supply your command until orders for its final disposition is received from General Grant. Orders have been asked for. Fifty thousand dollars have been turned over to Carling to pay for your purchases. If this is not enough, he has been instructed to give proper vouchers for what he has not the funds to pay. I have applied for instructions as to the disposition to be made of the $5,000 captured in Washington, Ga.; also as to what shall be done with the cotton clearly belonging to citizens. I have as yet received no instructions regarding the three negro regiments you have organized. Keep them as they are at present until orders can be received, as you will have them under proper control by that means, and can make them useful. While you have to remain in Georgia, it will be as well to repair the railroad toward Cartersville as far as possible. In the meantime I am storing forage and subsistence