War of the Rebellion: Serial 104 Page 0575 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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and now in process of organization in New Orleans. Such additional horses as are required and necessary for the battery will be issued by First Lieutenant I. N. Mitchell, Sixteenth Ohio Battery, acting assistant quartermaster artillery crops at New Orleans, upon requisition duly approved by the general commanding Department of the Gulf.

5. All unemployed able-bodied men, white or black, applying for aid will be instructed to report at once to the engineer department, who will immediately employ them upon the fortifications of this city. No rations will be issued to them or their families except upon the certificate of the engineer officer in charge of the works that they have been employed thereon, and then only for the time they have actually worked, except three days' rations, which may be issued in advance upon the certificate of said engineer officer that the man's name has been entered upon the engineer rolls for employment. The operation of this order will cease upon a written statement from the engineer officer in charge of he works for the defense of the landings and U. s. property in this city that a sufficient quantity of labor has been procured.

6. The officer in charge of contrabands in this city will cause all able bodied men now or hereafter carried on his rolls to be turned over to Captain M. W. Morton, Numbers 36 Saint Michael street, to be place don his rolls until the number of 500 has been reached for organization as laboring gangs and distribution to the different works under the direction of Captain McFarland, chief engineer of the defenses of Mobile. These men will, while so employed, draw their rations through the engineer department.

* * * *

10. Brigadier General J. Bailey is hereby relieved from duty as commander of the Engineer Brigade, and will assume command of the Third Michigan, Tenth Illinois, and Fourth Tennessee Regiments of Cavalry, which are to form a part of Brigadier General J. R. West's command. He will cause these regiments to be prepared and held in readiness for immediate service in the field.

By order of Major General E. R. S. Canby:


Lieutenant-Colonel and Assistant Adjutant-General.


Mobile, Ala., May 2, 1865.

Lieutenant General RICHARD TAYLOR,

Meridian, Miss.:

Will you oblige me by transmitting the following dispatch to Major General F. Steele, Selma, Ala., and Major General A. J. Smith, Montgomery, Ala.:

In consequence of new arrangements which are now progressing, you are instructed to desist from further hostilities or destruction of property except so far as it may be necessary to oppose any offensive movement on the part of the enemy. You will, however, keep your troops well in hand for any purpose for which they may be required.


Major-General and Chief of Staff.


Major-General, Commanding.