War of the Rebellion: Serial 104 Page 0569 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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receive delay. As military restrictions have been removed, by order of the Secretary of War, on trade in Tennessee and North Alabama, except in arms, ammunition, gray cloth, all articles from which ammunition is manufactured, locomotives, cars, railroad iron, and machinery for operating telegraph lines, which articles are contraband of war, and all trading and importation thereof absolutely prohibited, it will not be necessary for you to exercise any surveillance over Danley's boat, except to satisfy yourself that he has none of the above-mentioned articles or substances aborad. Also see that he has no more on board than what he can exhibit permits for, unless he be under convey of a naval gun-boat, in which event you will not be expected to interfere, as the navy gun-boat, in which event you will not be expected to interfere, as the navy in that event will doubtless have exercised the proper restrictions. Your telegram of May 1 also received. Send, under glad of truce, a summons to Forrest to surrender upon the terms given by General Grant to Generals Lee and Johnston. Inform him, at the same time, of th rumors which have reached you, and that you are prepared for him, and if he attempts such a reckless and bloodthirsty adventure he will be treated thereafter as an outlaw, and the States of Mississippi and Alabama will be so destroyed that they will not recover for fifty years.


Major-General, U. S. Army, Commanding.

RESACA, May 2, 1865.

Major MOE:

General Wofford writes me that Gatewood, with 500 men, is about to make a raid on the Knoxville railroad. You will direct Colonel Boyd to send scouts in the direction of Broomtown Valley and McLemore's Cove to get all the information possible. If you can learn of his moving toward the railroad send the Colored Brigade by rail toward the threatened point, disposing them so as to protect the road. Have ordered point, disposing them so as to protect the road. Have ordered scouts from Dalton in all directions, with instructions to communicate to you by telegraph information of any movements.



RESACA, May 2, 1865.

Major S. B. MOE:

Send special train with my car to be at Dalton at 8 o'clock in the morning to convey Colonel Merrill to Nashville with the terms of surrender of General Wofford and his forces.



RESACA, GA., May 2, 1865.

Brigadier General H. M. JUDAH,

Commanding U. S. Forces, Resaca, Ga.:

GENERAL: I hereby surrender myself and the Confederate forces under my command to you upon the terms under which General Lee, C. S. Army, surrendered to Lieutenant General U. S. Grant, U. S. Army, a copy of which is appended hereto.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,