War of the Rebellion: Serial 104 Page 0531 CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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from New York. I hope it may now be practicable to ship forage direct from New York to Pensacola and Mobile, and that the requisitions previously made for a number of light-draft steamers for service in the Gulf between Cedar Keys and the Rio Grande can now be filled.


Major-General, Commanding.


Mobile, Ala., April 30, 1865.

Lieutenant General R. TAYLOR,

C. S. Army,

Commanding Dept. of Mississippi, Alabama, and East Louisiana:

SIR: I have honor to state that since our conference of yesterday I have received official notice that the suspension of hostilities agreed upon between Generals Johnston and Sherman has been disapproved by the President of the United States and annulled. I therefore send Captain Perkins as the bearer of a flag and official notification of this fact, and the suspension of hostilities agreed upon yesterday will terminate in forty-eight hours after this notification reaches you. I think it proper, however, to submit for your consideration the following memorandum which I am authorized by my instructions to propose to you, and I say to you frankly what I would not say if I did not believe that the circumstances of both armies were such that you may accept them for your army without reproach from any quarter. They are essentially the same as were offered to and accepted by General Lee. I need scarcely add to this that it is my earnest with that this war may be terminated without any further effusion of blood or destruction of property.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,




I. The officers and men to paroled until duly exchanged or otherwise released from the obligations of their parole by the authority of the Government of the United States. Duplicate roll os all officers and men surrendered to be made, one copy of which will be delivered to the officer appointed by me and the other retained by the officer appointed by Lieutenant-General Taylor; officers giving their individual paroles, and commanders of regiments, batteries, companies, or detachments, signing a like parole for the men of their respective commands.

II. Artillery, small-arms, ammunition, and other property of the Confederate Government to be turned over to the officers appointed for that purpose on the part of the Government of the United States. Duplicate inventories of the property surrendered to be prepared, one copy to be retained by the officer delivering and the other by the officer receiving it, for the information of their respective commanders.

III. The officers and men paroled under this agreement will be allowed to return to their homes with the assurance that they will not be disturbed by the authorities of the United States so long as they continue to observe the condition of their paroles and the laws in force where they reside, except that persons residents of Northern States will not be allowed to return without permission.